Guide to Small Engine Technology

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Contents of this Guide:

1. Intro to Small Equipment Engines

2. Safety

3. Tools

4. Measuring Systems, Fasteners, and Thread Repair

5. Basic Engine Operation and Configurations

6. Internal Combustion Engines

7. Lubrication and Cooling Systems

8. Fuel Systems

9. Throttle and Governor Control Systems

10. Two-Stroke Engine Top End Inspection

11. Two-Stroke Engine Bottom End Inspection

12. Four-Stroke Engine Inspection

13. Fundamentals of Electricity

14. Power Equipment Engine Charging Systems and DC Circuits

15. Ignition and Electric Starting Systems

16. Power Equipment Engine Maintenance

17. Power Equipment Engine Troubleshooting

This is a comprehensive guide designed to meet the basic needs of students interested in the subject of small engine repair, and to help students be come more qualified candidates for shops looking for well-prepared, entry-level technicians.

This guide has been written to make the learning experience enjoyable; the easy-to-read and easy to understand sections and great number of full-color illustrations will assist visual learners with content comprehension. The guide is comprised of 17 sections, starting with a brief history of the internal combustion engine and ending with a section on troubleshooting various conditions found on any power equipment engine. Both two-stroke and four-stroke engines are covered in the text.

This guide can be used not only for pre-entry-level technicians but also as a reference manual for practicing technicians, and will be helpful for the general consumer of power equipment engines who has an interest in understanding how they work.

Power equipment technicians are currently sought after, and will continue to be in demand in the future as technology advances in the manufacturing of modern power equipment engines. In today's world, an education prior to working in the field is becoming more desirable by all shops that hire.


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