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Applications of Computer-Aided Manufacturing

This guide is designed to provide the knowledge and design experiences that will enable you, the tooling design student as well as all types of manufacturing professionals, to analyze and develop solutions to tooling and manufacturing problems.

To be sure, there are many manufacturing problems to be addressed. The economic efficiency of manufacturing is becoming the "secret sauce " and we hope this guide will be of some value in keeping the gates open as the complexity of challenges grows.

Finally--to be a successful tool designer or manufacturing professional, it is important that one not rely on what has gone before but to use that past history as a spring board to the future. We must break away from habit and concentrate our future efforts with drive, initiative, concentration, and persistence.

The articles in this guide:

1. General Tool Design

2. Materials Used for Tooling

3. Cutting Tool Design

4. Workholding Concepts

5. Jig Design

6. Fixture Design

7. Power Presses

8. Die Design and Operation

9. Inspection and Gage Design

10. Tool Design for Joining Processes

11. Modular and Automated Tool Handling

12. Computer Applications in Tool Design

13. Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing

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