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Part One: Land: Buying It, Building on It

Part One--Introduction

Buying Country Property

Planning Your Home

Preparing the Site

Converting Tree Into Lumber

Building a Log Cabin

Building With Adobe

Building a Stone House

Raising a Barn

Developing a Water Supply

Saunas and Hot Tubs


Fireplace Construction and Design

Stone Walls and Brick Pavements


Part Two: Energy From Wood, Water, Wind, and Sun

Making Your House Energy Efficient

Wood as a Fuel

Heating With Wood


Wind Power

Solar Energy

Other Energy Sources

Part Three--Raising Your Own Vegetables, Fruit, and Livestock

(complete content of below outline)

The Kitchen Garden
Gardening in Limited Space
Fruits and Nuts
Pest Control
Grains and Grasses
Fish Farming
Raising Livestock

Part Four--Enjoying Your Harvest Year Round

Preserving Produce
Preserving Meat and Fish
Making Your Own Dairy Products
Maple Sugaring
Baking Bread

Part Five--Skills and Crafts for House and Homestead

Natural Dyes
Tanning and Leatherwork

Part Six--Recreation at Home and in the Wild

Canoeing and Kayaking

Wilderness Camping

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