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Saving Energy = Saving Money: Whether we drill for oil, dig for coal, harvest the forests, spilt the atom, or harness the sun, there is no question that energy is going to cost us more in the near future than it used to. The watt you save may be your own dollar.

The Energy Audit: Until you know how much energy you’re using now, you can’t know how much you can save. and until you know where you’re spending it, you can’t know where to save it. and the easiest way to find out won’t cost you anything.

Plugging the Energy Leaks: The House: Your house is your protection against the elements. When winter’s cold and summer’s heat leak in, they steal your comfort along with your energy dollars. It takes just a little investment and know-how to plug those leaks.

  1. Introduction and Weatherstripping
  2. How to Weatherstrip a Window
  3. How to Weatherstrip a Door
  4. Caulking
  5. Insulating Windows
  6. Plastic Sheeting Storm Windows
  7. Glass Storm Windows
  8. Other Types of Exterior Window Insulation
  9. Interior Window Insulation
  10. Acrylic Plastic Storm Windows
  11. Insulating the House
  12. Where to Insulate
  13. How Much Insulation Do You Need?
  14. How to Insulate
  15. Landscaping for Energy Conservation
  16. What to Look For in Buying a House
  17. What to Look for in a Contractor

Plugging the Energy Leaks: The Systems: Just like your car, the mechanical systems in your home will perform better, last longer, and cost less to operate when they are clean, tuned up, and in good repair. A little effort can yield big savings in a short time.

  1. Introduction
  2. How to Read Your Utility Meters
  3. Furnaces; Furnace Maintenance; How a Furnace Works
  4. Radiant Heating; Wall Heaters; Heat Distribution
  5. Duct Insulation; Cooling Systems
  6. Ventilation; Fans; Air Conditioners
  7. Water Heaters
  8. Energy-Saving Gadgets
  9. Swimming Pools

Solar Energy: Solar energy is simply the sun’s power. Collected, stored, and distributed in a controlled fashion, it can help reduce your consumption of gas, oil, and electricity. You can use the surf s energy in many ways, and some cost very little money.

Wood and Other Alternatives: Fuel-wood is readily available, easy to use, and provides efficient heat when burned properly, particularly in a wood-burning stove. Wind and water are also available as energy sources, although they may be expensive.

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