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Why Ceiling Fans make sense

Many folks find that once they have owned a ceiling fan, they simply will do without.

Ceiling fans are a fantastic source of energy-efficient climate control -- no matter what the season.

A ceiling fan saves energy all year long.

In warmer (summer) weather a ceiling fan can make a room feel up to 7 degrees cooler by creating a "wind chill" effect. You can set your thermostat higher and save up to 40% on air conditioning bills. In the winter, one may run their fan in reverse to recirculate the hot air trapped near the ceiling. One may set their thermostat lower and save on heating costs as the fan provides even, comfortable temperatures throughout the room. Either way, one conserves valuable energy, making a ceiling fan a superb and wise investment for your family and the environment.

More good news about Ceiling fans ... Improve Room Comfort and Reduce Your Energy Costs

Homeowners everywhere are noticing ever-rising energy costs due to higher prices to cool and heat their homes. And it is only gonna get worse. It is a perfect time to see the benefits of owning a ceiling fan. A ceiling fan is an ideal energy-efficient product that makes sense today. A ceiling fan works in the summer to make a room feel cooler and also is valuable in the winter, too, to circulate warm air. Essentially, a ceiling fan can improve your room comfort and reduce your cooling needs as well as your energy costs.

Fact: a California utility company reports that it costs only one cent ($.01)!!) an hour to run a ceiling fan! While, it costs 43¢ an hour to run a central air conditioner or 16¢ an hour to run a room air conditioner! You save every day you use ceiling fan versus a central air conditioner or a room air conditioner. At this rate, the ceiling fan will pay for itself in only a few weeks.

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