Stair Horse Layout


The stair horse should be laid out with the top edge of the stock as the layout top line. The edge of the steps are laid out touching this top line or layout line. This will result in a minimum amount of cutout and will leave supporting material below. The layout is started from the left end, holding the body of the square in the left hand. The tongue is held in the right hand with the outside point of the square down or facing away from the top line, as shown below.

Stair Horse

Total Run Stair Horse
As shown in Figure on the right, the tread rise measurement point on the tongue of the square, and the tread run measurement point on the body of the square, are positioned on the top line. The mark for the tread run cut is made against the body and the tread rise cut mark is made against the tongue of the square.

The square is then moved to the next position, again with the run and rise measurement points on the body and tongue matching the top line. The intersecting points of adjacent layouts become the points or edges of the steps. The square is moved along in this manner and layouts made until the required number of steps have been laid out.

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