Staple Selection Guide


Staple Types

Crown Widths/Wire Sizes

Fine-Wire Wide Crown: (shown top right) Recommended for applications where the staple crown should not cut into the material being fastened.

Heavy-Wire Wide Crown: (shown top right) Used for construction-related applications such as asphalt roofing and sheathing where broad holding power is required.

Fine-Wire Intermediate Crown: (shown middle right) Holds well when driven into many types of soft material, such as cloth and vinyl. Maintains a neat, clean appearance when driven.

Heavy-Wire Intermediate Crown: (shown middle right) Recommended for heavier wood -applications, such as decking and wall sheathing, where superior holding power is required.

Fine-Wire Narrow Crown: (shown bottom right) Used for applications where appearance is important and the staple must be nearly invisible.

Heavy-Wire Narrow Crown: (shown bottom right Recommended for furniture, cabinet, and construction-related applications.

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