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1. The Carpenter's Art

COLOR portfolio: Masterpieces of the Woodworker

2. Making a Multitude of Holes

3. The Knack of Shaping Wood

4. Making Perfect Joints

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Ron Roszkiewicz, the chief consultant for this book, is an accomplished wood craftsman who develops tool specifications and prepares catalogs and instructional guides for a hand-tool supply company W Flinn Settle is a carpenter specializing in custom made home interiors Marc Shapiro, an amateur potter and glassblower, is a professional carpenter who specializes in the design and execution of home remodeling projects.

Danny J Smith is an instructor of residential carpentry at the Arlington,

Virginia. Career Center Roswell Ward is a consulting structural engineer and a professional home inspector in northern Michigan He has written professional papers on wood frame construction techniques.

Harris Mitchell, special consultant for Canada, has worked in the field of home repair and improvement for more than two decades He is editor of the magazine Canadian Homes and author of a syndicated newspaper column, "You Wanted to Know," as well as a number of books on home improvement.

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Time-Life Books.

Working with wood (Home repair and improvement, 18)

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1. Carpentry-Amateurs' manuals; 2. House construction Amateurs' manuals; 3. Dwellings-Maintenance and repair Amateurs manuals

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