Guide to Mechanical / electrical equipment for buildings: WATER AND WASTE

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Water and its appropriate use are becoming an increasingly important part of design, especially the design of green buildings. Almost every North American building designed today is sup plied with potable (drinkable) water. In the vast majority of these buildings, most of this clean water is used to carry away organic waste. The result is a wide range of design impacts covering everything from the detailed arrangement of bathroom fixtures and interior surfaces to the overall plans of very large, complex water and sewage treatment facilities.

This part of the book presents information on the following topics: basic planning information and rainwater (Section 20); water supply (Section 21); organic waste disposal, both waterborne and waterless (Section 22); and solid waste design issues (Section 23).

Fire protection, which often requires the most extensive water supply piping network within a building, is covered in Part VI.


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