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  1. The Designer’s Way---Decks and patios can become outdoor rooms for eating, sleeping, entertaining, bathing or playing. Historically, this is part of a rich design tradition that comes down to us from ancient Egypt, Greece and China.
  2. Design Basics---The basics of designing a deck or patio include considerations of space, visual limits, light, color, textures, form and perspective as well as natural considerations like sound, wind, shade and sun.
  3. The Designer’s Workbook---How you design your deck or patio not only means drawing a set of plans, it also means staking out a grid, deciding on your elevations, and creating your concept design.
  4. The How-To's of Deck Construction---How to select lumber and materials. How to pour footings and piers. How to build ledgers and basic substructures. All about blocking and bracing. How to lay decking.
  5. The How-To's of Patio Construction---How to lay and cut bricks. How to mix, pour and finish concrete. How to build steps and paving blocks. Choosing alternative pavings.
  6. The Working Plan---The completed plan includes building permits, balancing load factors, and a variety of special optional features like ramps, gates, benches, planter boxes, even storage spaces.

How to Design & Build Decks & Patios

Decks and patios, whether separate or combined, become outdoor living rooms that greatly expand and enhance your home. Here is a guide full of details on how to design and build according to your own needs.

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