Guide to Maintenance Planning and Scheduling -- Table of Contents; Introduction

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Table of Contents

1. Historical view of maintenance

2. The Plant/Facility Lean Environment

3. Governing Principles and Concepts of Lean Maintenance

4. Origins of the Maintenance Planner

5. Organization Alternatives

6. Performing the Planning Function

7. Performing the Maintenance Scheduling Function

8. Special case: maintenance planning and scheduling for maintenance outages--the plant shutdown

9. Tips, tricks and avoiding pitfalls

10. Metrics: measuring planning and scheduling performance

11. Planning and scheduling fundamentals self-test


This is a hands-on reference guide for the maintenance or reliability engineer and plant manager. As the third volume in the “Life Cycle Engineering” series, this guide takes the guiding principles of Lean Manufacturing and Maintenance and applies these concepts to everyday planning and scheduling tasks allowing engineers to keep their equipment running smoothly, while decreasing downtime. Included is invaluable advice on the effective use of work orders and schedules and how they fit into the overall maintenance plan.

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