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1. Getting Away from It All

  1. Intro; Generating Your Own Power
  2. Turning Untamed Land into a Building Site
  3. Pin-point Foundations on Poles and Piers
  4. The Ease and Speed of a Wooden Foundation
  5. Strongest of All: A Continuous Block Wall

2. Four Simple Structures

  1. Intro; A-Frame Cottage Built with Prefabricated Panels
  2. The A-Frame: A String of Sturdy Triangles
  3. From the Frontier, a Cabin of Hand-hewn Logs
  4. A Cabin Suspended in a Cradle of Poles
  5. Practical Shortcuts to a Strong Framed Roof

3. Making the Best of Nature’s Worst

  1. Intro; A Firm Foundation for a Hillside Hideaway
  2. Tying a House Together against the Wind
  3. Strengthening a House in Earthquake Country
  4. The Lay of the Land: Clues to Foil a Flood
  5. Preparing for the Problems of Deep Snow

4. Adding the Amenities

  1. Intro; Water: From Where It Is to Where You Need It
  2. Picking the Right Pump
  3. Putting In an All-purpose Sink
  4. A Choice of Simple, Safe Disposal Systems
  5. Building a Traditional Country Privy
  6. Chemicals and Composting for Convenience
  7. Stoves that Make a Little Wood Go a Long Way

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