Fixing flooded buildings and basements

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1. Introduction

2. Technical competence of the contractors : Complex building types

3 Managing customers: Policyholder contact -- a staged approach; FAQs

4. Damage reporting / collecting accurate info

5. A general guide to basement and flooded building drying: Minimum drying standards; Primary and secondary damage; Triage, clearance and cleaning.

6. Health/safety in wet basement and building flood damage repair: Primary legal standards applicable; Overall recommendations for flood repairs.

7. Equipment for drying homes, offices and buildings: Types of dehumidifier; Refrigerant dehumidifiers; Desiccant dehumidifiers; Convection drying

8. How to dry basements, foundations and buildings: Establishing a drying program; Key factors in the drying process; Importance of monitoring; High temperatures; Vulnerable materials; Common problems

9. Monitoring the drying process: Monitoring equipment; Certificate of drying; Report of flooding event; Report of repairs to flood damaged property

10. Standards for repairing basements and flooded buildings

11. Standard (domestic) insurance coverage: The insurance contract; The policy excess; Policy conditions and exclusions; Prompt notification; Non-disclosure; Sum insured; Maintenance and repair; Flood resilient repairs

12. Small businesses: Freehold, leasehold and tenancy issues; Scope of private/commercial insurance policies; Claims process

13. Identifying/managing the flooding risk at a property: Susceptibility of contents and equipment; Susceptibility of buildings and fittings; Risk surveys; Flood event procedures; Using flood protection products - a guide for purchasers

14. Flood protection / flood mitigation products: Existing standards; Other types of flood protection products; Underwriting and risk;

References and useful websites and other sources of information

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