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Major kitchen appliances are built to give many years of reliable service, but when a problem arises, it can often appear more serious than it really is. In many instances, you can make repairs easily—and safely—without specialized knowledge of the machines. Doing the work yourself not only spares you the cost of a service call, but may well save money on parts, too.

How to Restore a Dishwasher to Health

  • Fixing Common Problems
  • Checking the Water Controls
  • Cleaning the Pump

Dealing with a Stuck Garbage Disposer

Servicing a Microwave Oven

  • Universal Microwave Repairs
  • Testing Non-digital Microwaves

When an Electric Range Fails to Heat

  • Restoring the Incoming Power
  • Replacing a Faulty Burner
  • Adjusting an Oven Temperature Control
  • Getting Heat from a Balky Oven

Safe Repairs for a Gas Range

  • Simple Fixes for Stovetop Burners
  • Common Problems with a Gas Oven

Two kinds of Range Hood Ventilators

  • Servicing a Squirrel-Cage Blower

Remedies for Ailing Refrigerators

  • Basic Repairs for Doors and Drains
  • Installing a Seal around the Door
  • A New Door Switch
  • Regaining Control of the Temperature
  • A Motor for the Evaporator Fan
  • Renewed Airflow to the Condenser
  • Repairs for an Automatic Defroster
  • Restoring an Icemaker to Full Production
  • Replacing an Icemaker Shutoff Arm

---Inspecting a receptacle on an electric range.


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