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Plotting the Course

Planning and Scheduling

A Pictorial Index

The Basic Systems

Materials Takeoffs

Choosing the Materials

Gaining the Skills

Measuring and Marking 24

Cutting 27

Shaping 33

Surfacing 35

Fastening 39

Finishing the Exterior

An Overview 46

Exterior Window Trim 48

Exterior Door Trim 52

Other Exterior Trim 53

Exterior Stairs and Railings 58

Finishing the Interior

Sequence of Activities 64

Ceilings 65

Wallboard Ceilings and Walls 67

Wall Paneling 75

Closets 79

Cabinets 82

Shelves 91

Interior Stairs and Railings 93

Interior Window Trim 95

Interior Door Trim 99

Other Interior Trim 100

Front Cover: This handsome finish trim is made up of standard moldings available at any well-stocked building center. Such a column can be used for decorative purposes or to conceal utility lines or heating ducts.

Back Cover: Top left: This handcrafted tool chest contains an assortment of carpentry hand tools that are organized in a way that makes them readily accessible.

Top right: Exterior finish work is not only functional, but it enhances the appearance of your home as well.

Bottom left: Standard molding pieces used in innovative ways add elegance to an ordinary stairway column.

Bottom right: The chisels, multiplane, router, and lathe shown here are some of the hand and power tools that can be used to shape wood into almost any conceivable pattern for custom finish work.

Finish Carpentry Basics

This book covers the crowning touches of most home-improvement projects, including interior trim, exterior trim, wallboard, paneling, stairs, railings, shelves, closets, cabinets, and mantels. There is also information about time-saving tools, such as pneumatic nailers and power miter saws.

  • Illustrated instructions for building stairs and railings
  • Guide to pneumatic, power, and hand tools
  • Directions for compiling materials takeoffs and correcting framing flaws
  • Instructions for installing interior and exterior trim


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Edith Allgood

Ron Hildebrand

Title Page: The workmanship and ingenuity that went into producing this tool chest are an inspiration to any finish carpenter.

Above: This fireplace mantel and surround were made by combining several pieces of mitered molding and attaching them to a backing board.


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