Features of Good Computerized Maintenance-Management Software (CMMS) -- Part 2

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Link It Software Corporation of Santa Clarita, California, has developed EZ Maintenance: A proven CMMS software solution with a large and impressive client list! Indeed, aerospace and government defense contractors -- such as Lockheed, Northrop Grumman -- are among EZ-Maintenance users.

Here are some of EZ Maintenance's features dedicated to Equipment Maintenance:

Maintenance Scheduling: Schedule both routine and non-routine preventative mainteis CMMS automatically calendars the preventive maintenance for up to a year. You can choose to skip or include weekend days and holidays. If a scheduled maintenance is not done on the day it's calendared, the reason can be noted by a supervisor. When the work is actually done, EZ Maintenance will automatically reschedule the subsequent maintenance days.

Equipment Tracking: Enter and track equipment by class, category, and individual equipment serial number or identifier. Set up fleet maintenance scheduling by time span (days, weeks, months, etc.) or by hours of use. Pull reports on equipment preventive maintenance history, exactly what was done and when, parts used, and who did the work. Completed preventive maintenance can be either "signed off" electronically, or EZ Maintenance will produce a printed form to be signed by whomever did the actual work.

Maintenance Work Orders: EZ Maintenance will produce a work order for each preventive maintenance to be completed. This work order can contain step by step instructions on how to perform a particular preventative maintenance, coupled with a required parts and materials list. The work order can be printed, and contains a signature line for the person performing the work to sign confirming the work has been done in accordance with the specifications. All procedures and materials can be put on a work order on a "point and click" basis from drop down menus. Work orders can be assigned to specific personnel and batch printed.

Parts and Materials: EZ Maintenance will list all parts and materials required for individual preventive maintenance procedures, and print them out on individual work orders.

Full Inventory Control and Tracking: EZ Maintenance contains a full inventory control module which can be used, or not, at your discretion. When you install this program, you can set the software to use the full inventory module, to use inventory pricing only, or to not use the inventory module at all in day to day maintenance operations. If you set the inventory module to track pricing only, EZ Maintenance will track your cost of materials used in maintenance and , if you so desire, the retail price of those materials. If you set EZ Maintenance to use the full inventory module, you will have at your command a full inventory control section which will deduct maintenance materials from inventory when work orders are issued. In addition, the inventory module issues P.O.s and Requests for Bids, tracks materials costs and retail pricing, lists and tracks all vendors and allows you to set minimum and maximum levels of inventory of specific items to have on hand. When inventory levels run low, EZ Maintenance's inventory module alerts the operator to reorder, and tracks all materials ordered against P.O.s issued.

List And Track Outside Customers Or Vendors: If you perform maintenance work for outside customers, or if you have outside vendors perform some or all of your maintenance work, EZ Maintenance allows you to enter full customer/vendor information and have that information appear on specific work orders.

Alerts: EZ Maintenance protects you against missing or falling behind on maintenance. The first screen to appear when EZ Maintenance is opened shows all maintenance due that day, and any maintenance overdue. The main screen shows red markers on any area where maintenance items are overdue, and all individual, overdue maintenance events appear in red.

Maintenance Calendars: This CMMS not only produces print outs of all preventive maintenance schedules for all or any piece of equipment, but will produce actual monthly calendars showing all scheduled preventative maintenance, and the days on which it's to be done.

Bar Coding: This CMMS will produce bar codes to identify equipment by serial number, or internal control number. To start a maintenance procedure, operators can simply "swipe" the bar code attached to a specific piece of equipment.

Supervisory Control: This CMMS provides for multi-level passwords. Only a supervisor can approve or edit a preventive maintenance history, or alter schedules.

Complete Reports: EZ Maintenance provides numerous reports. Among them are complete equipments lists, maintenance due reports, scheduled maintenance calendar reports, maintenance history reports, and inventory reports. Where applicable, reports can be pulled by date range. Click here to view samples

If You Are Based Outside Of The United States: When you install this program, you can set our "International" preference. This preference will allow you to enter long addresses, zip codes and countries, and to use a variety of date formats (mm/dd/year, dd/mm/year, etc.). You can also select such preferences as liters instead of gallons, and kilometers

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