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Electrical Supplies (see also Batteries, Hardware, Junk Drawer, Tools)

Electrical supplies invariably end up in that horror known as the junk drawer. Extension cords and plugs become hopelessly tangled up with the other contents of the drawer— coupons, screws and nails, matches, gloves, picture hangers, glue, spackling paste, pennies, flower seeds and bulbs, and small tools.

You’ll want to clean this drawer out altogether, of course, but in the meantime, you can pull out the connectors, adapters, fuses, batteries, and sockets and straighten them out so that when you need an extension cord or a plug you can actually get one. Extension cords can be loosely looped and put inside empty paper towel cardboard holders — keeping each one separate and tangle-free.

Cords can also be looped over a hook or nail in the broom closet or in another supply storage area. Plugs and other small electrical supplies fit nicely in a clearly labeled cigar box. The box and cords can then either be put on a shelf, or, if you must, back in the junk drawer, where they will at least be organized.

Exercise Equipment (see also Balls, Sports Equipment)

If ever there was a case for use it, or lose it, this is it. If you decide to use it, there’s no point in trying to put it away and get it out after each use — be it barbells or an exercise bike — because if you have to fuss, you won’t get it out and put it back again tomorrow. The best you can do is to allocate a room or a corner of a room and keep all of the equipment in that area, so you can just walk over to your “gym” and start exercising without worrying about pulling out (and putting back) your equipment. Don’t think of the equipment as an eyesore, think of it as a daily personal achievement. I’ll guarantee you that people who see it won’t stop to think about how it clutters up the room. They’ll be too busy thinking that they really should be exercising themselves.


Generally speaking, a spare pair of glasses is a very good idea. More than one spare pair, however, contributes to the clutter problem. When people buy new, more fashionable, or upgraded (prescription) glasses, the tendency is to hang onto the old pair. When you find yourself hanging onto a half-dozen or more pairs of eyeglasses, it’s time to eliminate some of them. It seems a shame to throw away perfectly good glasses—outdated or not—and it's , but keeping them to clutter up your dresser drawer is a shame as well. Check with some of your local charities, since some do recycle eyeglasses to the elderly and the poor. If you can’t find such a charity, bite the bullet and toss all but the glasses you actually wear and one spare that sports a reasonably current prescription.
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