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Toxic Mold Tort Experts

A person can seek legal assistance if he or she has been affected by prolonged exposure to toxic mold. Depending on individual situations, the defendants in mold-related lawsuits include contractors, construction managers, construction component suppliers, property managers, architects, and landlords. Damages include the cost of mold removal, loss of property, and health-related claims.

In many cases, the person responsible for the maintenance of the building where the toxic mold has been found is aware of its existence but has made no attempt to rectify the situation. There have been cases where people have been exposed to toxic mold in a rented apartment, and they have repeatedly informed the landlord or caretaker of the presence of toxic mold but no action has been taken. There also have been instances where people were exposed to toxic mold at their workplace, and nothing was done to remove the mold. For example, in J.J. Acquisition Corp. vs. Pacific Gulf Properties, employees of a California-based newspaper filed suit against the owner of their building, seeking $10 million for illnesses resulting from exposure to toxic mold.

Many law firms in the U.S. specialize in mold-related lawsuits. The increasing numbers of people affected by toxic molds has led to a growth in the number of toxic mold lawyers in operation. Growing consumer awareness about the harmful effects of toxic mold has led to a growth in the number of lawsuits, where negligent parties have been held accountable through the payment of financial compensation to those affected by toxic molds. In Spectrum Community Association vs. Bristol House Partnership, the Spectrum homeowners' association sued the developers and contractors, alleging that construction defects caused the growth of toxic mold in the housing units, which resulted in illnesses.

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