One-Round War : USMC Scout-Snipers In Vietnam

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by: Peter R. Senich

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Book Description:

Book Description -- This book is a long-overdue account of, and a well-deserved tribute to, the Marine Corps sniper program in Vietnam. It documents the circumstances behind training and employment, the equipment chosen for use, the transition from the M700 sniping rifle to the M40A1 and the extreme effectiveness of the Vietnam-era sniping effort overall. About the Author Peter R. Senich is recognized as one of the world's foremost authorities on the history of modern weapon systems and their applications. He is also a leading military historian and the author of nine books on military sniping and small arms.

Fact filled, a good read ! -- As one who attended the Marine Corps Scout Sniper School in 1966, I was pleased to find that this book was not just some "feel good" propaganda. There was the actual story, warts and all, about the rocky beginnings of the program and the evolution from PX rifles to the rifles of today. This book is loaded with readable tecnical information about both the eqipment and the Marines pulling the trigger.

A Top Shelf - Must Have Book for LongArm Enthusiasts! -- This book is an exceptionally well-done guide to Marine Scout-Snipers in Vietnam. Unlike others who merely repeat a story or two that they've heard, Mr. Senich examines the tactical and technical side of sniping and provides for the reader a look at both the evolution of the sniper's weapon and the revolution in his employment. His research into patents, optics, rifles and sniper employment is unparalled and far superior to the mishmash of gimmicky sniper guides you find written by snakeoil salesmen these days. If you want to know about Sniping, buy this book.


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