Modern Sniper Rifles

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by: Duncan Long

Topics include: sniper applications, sniper use, most sniper rifles, barrel flex, fore grip, fluted barrel, adjustable trigger pull, tang safety, semiauto versions, muzzle noise, rubber recoil pad, semiauto rifle, bullet drop, cheek weld, many snipers, scope rings, iron sights, action sniper rifles, integral silencer, upper receiver, scope mounting, scope mounts, cheek pad, quality ammunition, bull barrel

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Book Description:

Book Description -- Noted weapons expert Duncan Long describes the .22 LR, single-shot, bolt-action, semiautomatic and large-caliber rifles that can be used for sniping purposes, including the U.S. M21, Ruger Mini-14, AUG and HK-94SG1. These and other models are evaluated on the basis of their features, accuracy, reliability and handiness in the field. The author also looks at the best scopes, ammunition and accessories. About the Author Duncan Long is an internationally recognized nonfiction and fiction writer of countless books and magazine articles on weapons and warfare. He is a best-selling Paladin author, with more than 20 firearms manuals in print.

Great For General/Basic Intro. to Sniper Rifles -- This book is a good intro. to sniper rifles; although it doesn't go into enough detail to make it anything remotely like a field/training manual, it does give the reader a little info. on many different rifles in many different cals. etc. If you'd like to purchase an accurate rifle with sniping accuracy (.5 MOA) and you don't want to spend the big bucks to do it, give this book a read. It will also give you a brief history lesson on various rifles. It's an easy read, and well worth buying.


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