Machine Accessories for Special Tasks

Every sewing machine has accessories that allow it to perform a variety of special tasks. There are universal accessories that fit any machine, such as the zipper foot, buttonhole attachment and various hemming feet. Other accessories, such as a ruffler attachment, are designed to save time and effort for special types of sewing.

When adding a special accessory or foot to a machine you must know if your machine has a high shank, low shank or slanted shank. The shank is the distance from the bottom of the presser foot to the attachment screw. Attachments are specifically designed to fit one of these three styles.

The zigzag plate and the general-purpose foot usually come with the machine. Other accessories often included are the straight-stitch plate and foot, buttonhole foot or attachment, zipper foot, seam guide, various hemming feet, and Even TM or roller foot. The machine manual explains how to attach the various accessories and achieve the best results with each.

(above) Buttonhole attachments allow you to stitch complete buttonholes in a single step. One type stitches and adjusts the buttonhole length to fit the button placed in a carrier behind the foot. When the button is larger than 1 1/2" (3.8 cm), or of an unusual shape or thickness, the gauge lines can be used instead of the carrier. Another type of buttonholer for straight-stitch machines makes buttonholes automatically using templates of various sizes. Keyhole buttonholes can be made with this accessory.

(above) Straight-stitch plate and foot are used for straight stitching only. The needle hole (arrow) in the plate is small and round. The straight-stitch plate and foot don't allow for any sideways needle movement. Use these features when your fabric or sewing procedure requires close control, such as edge-stitching or making collar points. They are also good for sheers and delicate fabrics, because the small needle hole helps keep fragile fabrics from being drawn into the feed.

(above) Zigzag plate and foot are the general-purpose plate and foot on a zigzag machine at time of purchase. They are used for zigzag and multi-needle work as well as plain straight stitching on firm fabrics. The needle hole (arrow) in the plate is wider, and the foot has a wider area for the needle to pass through, allowing for side-to-side needle motion. Use this plate and foot for general-purpose sewing.

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Zipper foot (above left) is used to stitch cording, insert zippers or stitch any seam that has more bulk on one side than the other. It adjusts to either side of the needle.

Special purpose foot (above center) has a grooved bottom that allows for thread build-up in decorative stitches. Seam guide attaches to machine and helps keep seam allowances and hems even.

Blindstitch hem foot (above right) positions the hem for blindstitch hemming on the machine. This is a fast alternative to hemming by hand.

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Walking foot (above left) feeds top and bottom layers together so seams start and end evenly. Use it for vinyl, pile fabrics, bulky knits or other fabrics that tend to stick, slip or stretch. This foot is also useful for topstitching and stitching plaids.

Button foot (above center) holds flat buttons in position for attaching with machine zigzag stitch. This foot saves time when sewing several buttons on a garment.

Overedge foot (above right) helps keep stitches at full width and prevents curling of flat edges when sewing overedge stitches. Stitches are formed over a hook on the inside edge of the foot.

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