Shortcut Sewing: Introduction

Shortcut sewing is for everyone. It’s not reserved or limited to jiffy techniques, easy-sew fabrics, and make-it-in-an-hour designs; it’s designed for every garment you make every time you sew. Shortcut sewing will not only save you time, it will also enable you to create fantastic-looking, well-made clothes.

This guide is the first guide to explain the sewing shortcuts of the fashion industry, the time-saving methods and techniques used in ready-to-wear and designer garments, as well as hundreds of tricks of the trade. The guide includes new professional methods to replace old home-sewing methods...inter national sewing secrets . . . tips to make traditional sewing methods easier ...ready-to-wear techniques and designer details.

It also introduces some unusual sewing aids and tells how to solve and avoid problems and how to correct mistakes.

The guide contains an extensive collection of alternative methods based on my knowledge of industrial and home-sewing methods, my observations of ready-made garments, and my experiences as a teacher. Since there is no single method that's right for every fabric or design, no one-and-only technique to complete most details and very few always-or-never situations, I have included many techniques so that you can choose the one best suited to your ability, the amount of time you have to sew, and the garment fabric, design, and quality. Each technique is explored in depth and most are totally independent with a minimum of cross-references. Notes on when to use the techniques, shortcuts, variations, and other helpful miscellany are included to ensure professional-looking garments.

The Diagrams: The hundreds of diagrams throughout the guide have been screened to make them easy to read. They have also been simplified and rarely include finishes on the edges of seams, hems or facings. These edges should be finished on the garment. Right side of fabric; Wrong side of fabric; Reverse side of fabric; Right side of lining and underlining; Wrong side of lining and underlining; Interfacing; Fusible agent.

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