How to Individualize Your Garments

Use a favorite pattern many times; as a dress, as a tunic top. Change the appearance with trimmings. Fabric centers and dressmaker’s supply houses have trimmings suitable for every type of fabric, for washable garments, for silks, woollens, velvets, etc.

* Use grosgrain or velvet ribbon, embroidered peasant braid, metallic peasant braid, upholstery braid, jeweled braid, rayon braid, beaded and sequin trims, heavy lace, daisy trim, rickrack, eyelet, frilling.

* Emphasize zipper closings, make fake closings, emphasize seam lines.

* Make borders on hemlines, sleeves, pockets.

* Outline necklines, collar and cuff edges, pockets, yokes.

* Use fringe: wool, rayon, metallic, ball, tasseled fringe, etc.

Use buttons in rows, all the same color or of assorted colors and sizes.

Make flowers from rickrack with tiny button centers; cut flowers from heavy lace, use button centers.

* Rickrack comes in assorted widths, in cotton, synthetic, metallic and wool. Twist two colors together. Combine with bias tape. Combine with embroidery stitches, beads and sequins. (See diagram 146.)

* Appliqué. Buy embroidered motifs, flat velvet flowers and leaves. Cut motifs from fabrics. Use the “magic fusible web” to anchor motif to fabric.

Finished edge motifs may not require zigzagging. Cut edge motifs will — use a closely-spaced zigzag stitch of width suitable for fabric weave and texture, but never too wide. Practice.

Magic fusible web is available by the yard. It is applied with an iron. Directions accompany the webbing. It joins fabrics firmly, is washable and dry-cleanable. It has many uses. Inquire about it and consider its uses.

Rayon frog trims come in assorted sizes, designs and colors.

* Rayon frog braid is available for making your own frogs and buttons. It is also used to braid together for belts.


* Rayon looping braid, for button loops and outlining necklines, etc.

* Consider the use of imitation or real fur trimming and of real or simulated leather trimming. Use leather needle for either hand sewing or machine sewing.

Have fun with trimmings. Add beads and sequins to fancy braids to glamorize them. Look over your wardrobe. Create your own trimmings to smarten up old garments. Decorate with hand embroidery.

Hints. Use magic tape to hold trimmings in place while stitching. It can be removed without damaging fabrics, except some naps or piles. Test before using.

Use bits of “magic fusible web” for anchoring trims before stitching, but remember it's permanently set and can't be removed, so be sure trim is in correct position.

Lingerie straps are used by all custom dressmakers. Make your own or buy them at notion departments.

Trimming suggestions
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