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Fun, practical gifts to show your appreciation! Our merchant partner offers unique gift and home furnishing ideas with almost anything that's of "wrapable" size. If you need help deciding on something, browse the categories below -- they offer great suggestions on Home Decor, Dining and Bed & Bath with a modern edge.

This vendor has a lifelong passion for home décor and design. Their goal is to create a unique online destination providing creative and distinctive home furnishings. We, like many of you, have continually tried to search for the perfect items to decorate our homes, whether at crafts fairs, boutiques or on vacation but most of the time, we end up going to the same chain or warehouse stores at local malls to make those purchases. With that in mind, we have selects this vendor who is dedicated to providing distinctive, creative and modern home décor items at affordable prices to enhance your lifestyle, most of which you can wrap as gifts (see the products page for more details).

Updated: Wednesday, 2016-06-15 20:23