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Here are some helpful hints from our vendor partner, their customers, and members of NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers)

* Suction cups should be "burped" once every six months to maintain optimum suction.
* Always use a cloth or tissue when handling halogen bulbs, oils from fingers may decrease the life of the bulb.
* Keep only supplies you need on a daily basis on your desktop. - NAPO
* Use the space under your bed with under-bed boxes for dust-free storage.
* Make sure everything has a home. After all, if you don't know where something belongs, it won't get put away. This home should be close to where you use the item, and items used together should be stored together.
* Dry clean your clothes before storing because moths are attracted to fibers with food stains and perspiration.
* Lazy susans make reaching in the back of cupboards and cabinets a cinch.
* Use three tiered shelves to elevate cans, boxes, and spices for easy access.
* When storing papers, always ask "Do I really need this? Will I ever use this again?" If the answer is no or probably not - throw it away!
* Keep as few files on your desk top as possible. Keep them all visual and vertical, not horizontal..
* In your laundry area have three baskets. One white, one medium color and one dark color.
* Double your closet hanging space by adding a second rod at 40" from the ground and adjusting the upper rod to 80".
* Organize your in box to prevent missing deadlines. Divide your mail into several categories: To Act, To Read, To File, To Throw Away (make your waste basket your best friend).Treat your e-mail the same way.
* Plan a time to file your office papers, at least once a week. When that time comes, turn the pile upside down to start at the bottom.
* Look for an attractive trunk (which could double as an ottoman or coffee table) to store things like board games and puzzles.
* Hangers all of the same type work best. A jumble of different types ends up being just that. Invest in the type of hanger that works best for you and discard all the others. - NAPO


Other than for large amounts of very fine wine that one intends to keep for many years, wine can be and should be stored:

* In an area of fairly constant moderate temperature
* An area that does not get high temperatures
* A place where the wine will not be moved and is generally undisturbed.
* If possible, a dark place especially away from direct sunlight.

Places like the bottom of closets, or cellars are fine.

Keep in mind that most wines are fairly "strong" and can be stored in these conditions without turning bad. Also, most wines are purchased to be consumed in the near future and not meant to be kept for decades.

Should you want to keep a few bottles at the recommended drinking temperature of around 55-60 degrees, there are many small wine coolers that hold up to 17 bottles of wine.

About Us and Our Products:

Desk drowning in papers? No room for the car in the garage? Santa still sitting on the roof in May? A less-is-more philosophy is great, but we all still have way too much stuff. The home office swallows up whole rooms, as does the family computer station. Then there's the home gym, the TV room, and the playroom, not to mention our collections - books, CDs, toys. Time management experts agree that when the minor things that take up space in the mind are eliminated, there is room to think about the big things. The same goes for the home. The visual clarity that comes from de-cluttering rooms, finances, and time promotes mental clarity, peacefulness, and contemplation. When everything is organized, it is easier to enjoy the meaningful things in life.

Staying organized is even more challenging than getting organized, because you have to train yourself to do things differently. Once you've uncluttered your home, staying organized involves picking up, putting away, and discarding excess stuff on a regular basis.

That's what this vendor is all about. Their products offer everything necessary to make home and life run more smoothly.

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