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Measuring for Vertical Blinds

Measure window width, adding 3" to each side to make sure the headrail overlaps properly. Measure the desired length, adding enough room for the headrail. If ordering floor-length verticals, subtract 1/2" from the total length for proper operation. Recommended for outside mount only.

Measuring for Roller Shades

Inside Mount-width
Measure width inside frame at top of window and order that size as inside mount. Factory will deduct 1/8" to allow for bracket placement.

Outside Mount-width
Measure area you want the shade fabric to cover. Shade should overlap window 1 1/2" on each side for best light control. Order that size as outside mount.

Note: Shades are available in standard lengths of 66". Shade fabric does not go to the end of the roller. It is approximately 3/8" narrower on each side.

Measuring for Horizontal Blinds

Inside Mount-width
1" blinds need at least 1 1/2" window depth; 2" blinds at least 2 1/2". Measure width between bracket locations at the top, middle and bottom; use the narrowest measurement. Measure length from top inside casing to sill. On made-measure products, a slight deduction will be made from the width ordered to allow for the placement of brackets; see individual products for details.

Outside Mount-width
Measure width of area to be covered, overlapping window by at least 1 1/2" on each side. Measure to desired length from top of casing or at least 2" above the window if there is no casing.

Measuring for Draperies

Replacing existing draperies
Simply measure one draper panel for length and width, then multiply the width by two to get the total width for the pair.

When rods are already installed
Measure the rod width, including the corners, and add 4" so the center can overlap when the draperies are closed. Ready-made draperis come in standard lengths of 54", 63", and 84". To determine which length you need, simply measure the length from the top of the standard (white) travese rod, or from the "eye" of the carrier on a decorative traverse rod.

How do I know slipcovers will fit MY furniture?

Our slipcovers fit all standard size chairs, loveseats and sofas. They also fit camel back furniture, small size chairs, sofa beds, "T" cushions, tuxedo style, and furniture with high & low arms including wooden arm furniture.

How do ready-made slipcovers work exactly?

Our slipcovers are "semi-fitted." They have a loosely constructed shape (meaning you can actually see where the arms go) and are one simple piece (body and skirt are attached). There are three "one size fits most" sizes: chair, loveseat and sofa. You just pull the cover over your furniture and follow the illustrated instructions for proper styling. Strategically placed elastic (where the skirt is sewn on) helps the cover contour to your furniture. This vendor's patented design features an inner row of elastic that is completely hidden from view under your seat cushion(s) and helps keep your cover in place. We believe they have the best design on the market!

What is the difference between the straight skirt design and the elasticized skirt design?

The elasticized skirt is slightly gathered creating a classic ruffled skirt that is appropriate for casual and formal prints and some solids. The straight skirt design offers a more tailored look and is appropriate for this site's featured contemporary-styled slipcovers. It is also characterized by ties at each corner which are both decorative and functional adding a bit of flair to the clean, contemporary design.

How do I care for my slipcover?

Our slipcovers are completely machine washable. Wash them in cold water, gentle cycle. Do not use bleach. Depending on fabric, line dry or tumble dry on low setting. In other words, do not be afraid of whites, removing dirt and stains from these slipcovers is simple and easy. In fact, some fabrics get better with washing…the textures on a damask fabric, for example, puff up after washing, making the pattern appear more distinguished and luxurious. Remember, no ironing or dry cleaning needed! Just pull the cover out of the dryer once the cycle is complete and immediately place it on the furniture to avoid wrinkles. If your cover gets wrinkled in storage, simply toss it in the dryer on low heat with a wet washcloth for ten minutes to remove the wrinkles. Washing instructions come with every cover.

Do the slipcovers shrink when they are washed?

Our slipcovers will have a small amount of shrinkage during the first few washings. The shrinkage amount is less than 5%. As long as your furniture falls within our standard measurements, this should not affect the fit of your slipcover.

How do I remove wrinkles?

To avoid wrinkles after laundering, just pull the cover out of the dryer once the cycle is complete and immediately place it on the furniture. If your cover gets wrinkled in storage, simply toss it in the dryer on low heat for ten minutes to remove the wrinkles. If the cover is wrinkled while on your furniture, try spraying a mist of water on the cover with a spray bottle and pressing out the wrinkles with your hand. (Do not tumble dry fabrics that have instructions to line dry.)

How durable are these slipcovers?
All of our fabrics must undergo rigorous quality tests in our in-house laboratory before being introduced to the line. We lose many wonderful patterns each year because they do not meet the following standards:

*Sandpaper Abrasion Test - tests for wearability
*Shrinkage - we don't allow much shrinkage to get the best fit wash after wash *Crocking - Tests for colorfastness so color doesn't come off on your furniture
*Ball Burst Test (50 lbs. of pressure) - tests for puncture resistance Our covers can be washed again and again with minimal shrinkage and fading.

Many customers ask what our most durable fabric is (the one that will stand up to heavy dogs or a house full of teenagers.) Our 100% cotton slipcovers are the most durable covers in the collection.

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