Bathroom Remodeling: Introduction

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The bathroom—over the years, no room in the house has been so important while remaining so stark, utilitarian, and downright unloved. It has been thought of as a room of necessities, not a room of pleasure.

With its abundance of plumbing and seemingly oversized fixtures, it has not been a room to spend any more time in than necessary. After all, there really isn’t anything you could do to dress up a bathroom, right? Wrong!

The bathroom of today is a far cry from the bathrooms of the past. The purpose is still the same; the plumbing and the fixtures are still there; but many of today’s bathrooms are a haven from the out side world.

They are a place to relax, to unwind, to soak away tense muscles or exercise off unwanted inches.

More emphasis is being placed on remodeling these days, for the simple fact that people are spending more time at home than ever before. A new or remodeled bathroom is a high priority on almost everyone’s list of projects, and with good reason.

Many families now have two working adults instead of one, and the stresses and pressures of both career and family life have increased.

As a result, today’s bathroom is being viewed as a room with a dual purpose: it must be practical and efficient enough to meet the needs of a fast- paced family life, while still being attractive, inviting, and luxurious enough to afford an oasis of real relaxation at the end of a hectic day. And when you consider that a remodeled bathroom, on average, recovers 75 percent of its initial cost upon resale, and that the addition of a new bathroom recovers up to 110 percent of its cost, the time and effort you lavish on the bathroom makes sound financial sense.

If efficient, attractive, and luxurious do not exactly sound like words that would describe the bathrooms you have in your home, take heart; Bathroom Remodeling—A Do-It- Yourselfer’s Guide is here to help. You will be taken into beautiful rooms shining with tile and green with plants. You’ll learn about basic design principles and see how to guide yourself through the planning and evaluation stages. You’ll understand your home’s basic plumbing and electrical systems and learn how they work in the bathroom. You’ll have a chance to look at different fixtures and faucets, lights and fans, whirlpools and saunas, and much more.

Above all, you will learn how to turn an ordinary, everyday bathroom into a thing of beauty, no matter how small the space or how skimpy the budget. Whether it’s a simple facelift with new paint or a room that is completely remodeled from top to bottom, you’ll find what you need in the following pages.

From lush plants to skylights, from whirlpool tubs to exercise bikes, today’s exciting, exotic, brightly colored bathrooms have finally earned a welcome and respected place in the home. So get out your pencil and paper, shine up your tools, unleash your imagination, and turn the bathroom of your dreams into a reality!

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