Woodwork with Router

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by: Bill Hylton

Topics include: horizontal router table, regular router table, jointing fence, router bench, bull nose bit, trammel block, surfacing platform, work onto the bit, overarm pivot, single flute bit, auxiliary baseplate, router tabletop, baseplate you, router mounting, shift the router, dovetail splice, router woodworkers, dish cutter, two edge guides, piloted bit, horsepower router, bit height setting, locating jig, switch workpieces, tighten the collet nut

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This book is a process-oriented benchtop reference that provides the latest, most practical information on how to use the router, America's most popular, most versatile woodworking power tool.

Something for everybody; a most useful router accessory: More so than any other single tool, jig, fixture, or accessory in your shop, this book helps you solve problems and get the job done. Starting with the basics of selecting and using routers and bits, you'll believe by the time you're halfway through this book that the router can do every job all your other tools do. By the time you finish the book, you'll understand how to do it all for yourself. The reason is simple: a router is simply a powerfully driven bit that be be guided with great precision. Bill Hylton taps into its potential by exploring the various ways to hold and guide it, performing jobs normally associated with other tools, as well as the exciting and mundane traditional routing jobs. Whether you're a beginner or expert with a router or woodworking, this book has something of value for everyone. It is well illustrated with photos and line drawings, bringing life to Bill's clear and easy to read writing style.

Best of numerous books on Routers: I bought this book when I was new to woodworking and read it cover to cover. Completed a couple projects inside and now keep it around for reference on jigs, manipulations etc. I think this is the best of the router books currently available. It has info on every relevant topic including how to use a router for different types of cuts, making jigs for specail applications, explanations of bits including history, detailed plans for tables, jigs, etc. The best part of this book is its organization. As explanations of a certain type of use are covered, side bars are used to explain important related information like how to prevent an undesired effect, a safety consideration or an explanation of bits used. I highly reccomend this book to beginners and experienced woodworkers alike.


Practical and diverse source of information: I bought a house with a garage that had been converted to a studio apartment. After a year of trying to make it work as a shop I gave up. I was about to completely gut it and start over (which would be more money than I wanted to spend by a long shot) when I spotted this book. The wide range of shop layouts described and shown in this book completely changed my perspective on the problem. Practical and comprehensive, this book is a gem for those looking to build a woodshop from the ground up or renovate an existing one. I have already put several of the principles in this book to work for me and will spend a fraction of what I would have on the remodeling. Thank you Sandor.

A great resource: 've owned a house for about 8 months now and am only dreaming of owning a shop, so I checked this book out of our local library to begin thinking about possiblities. This book was much better than I thought it would be, and I am considering buying it. Let's face it, no one is going to be able to tell you how to set up a shop. Your situation will be different from everyone else. However, this book will give you a good many ideas and much motivation. It has everything from dream workshops to small shops (even a section on garage workshops, which I liked). It's going to give you an idea where to start and where you want to go. It has everything from the basic tool lists to advanced designs for electrical wiring and dust removal. Using this book as a resource, one could really build a great shop, or get a lot of ideas on how to make your shop better. The only thing it won't do is tell you how to make the money for all those great tools you will want after reading it!

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