Roofing (Builder's Library Series)

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by: Taunton Press Staff

Topics include: chimney flange, combed wheat reed, seaming iron, sidewall flashing, froe clubs, slate hammer, hand seamers, tarred cord, architectural shingles, raised fascia, slate cutter, skip sheathing, slate cutting, saddle caps, roof lath, hip shingles, valley shingles, starter course, roof pans, chimney structure, roof brackets, terne metal, step flashing, drip edge, field seams

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Fine Homebuilding magazine
Choosing and applying material for any house
Whether your goal is simply to keep out the rain or to create a dramatic appearance, this book will be your guide. These 19 articles from Fine Homebuilding give you sound advice on choosing and applying the right roofing material for any house. You'll get the facts on weatherproofing, durability and appearance of each material, plus professional advice on installing.


Fine Homebuilding magazine

Choosing and applying material for any house

Choosing Roofing

Tearing Off Old Roofing

Roof Shingling

Busting Shingles

Laying Out Three-Tab Shingles

Built-Up Cedar Roofing

Roofing with Asphalt Shingles

Roofing with Slate #1

Roofing with Slate #2

Slate Quarrying and Shingle Manufacture

Tile Roofing

Putting On a Concrete-Tile Roof


Roofing with Sod

The Cotswold Slat Roof

Metal Roofing

The Classic "Tin" Lid

Chimney Cricket

Single-Ply Roofing

Finishing Touches: Decorative Roof Shingles

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Fine Homebuilding magazine

Choosing and applying material for any house

A friend of mine says that when you fly over Oregon, it looks as though everyone has a swimming pool. But what you're really seeing are houses with huge blue tarps thrown over them to keep their roofs from leaking. Now, I don't think my friend meant to disparage Oregon -- in fact, he's moving there himself. You can probably find the blue-tarp solution at work in any state.

But if you'd rather not have a roof that flaps in the wind like a bed sheet on a clothesline, if you'd prefer a more permanent, less colorful solution to the problem of keeping rain out of your house, this book has the answers. Collected here are 19 articles from past issues of Fine Homebuilding magazine, covering every aspect of roofing from choosing a roof in the first place to installing whatever you choose, be it asphalt, metal, concrete, tile, cedar or even thatch.

-- Kevin Ireton, editor


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