Fine Woodworking on Bending Wood: 35 Articles

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by: Fine Woodworking (Editor)

Topics include: drying jig, tapered lamination, assembled staves, size shop drawing, elbow adze, resawn stock, stem rabbet, kerf bent, register strip, bending strap, stave edges, gluing form, main body form, lapstrake boats, shaving horse, steamed wood, tap tone, veneer press, sheer strake, laminate strips, bending iron, lapstrake construction, steam bending, thickness planer, steam box

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First Sentence: In my shop at Shaker Village in Canterbury, N.H., I make wooden baskets the way they were made 100 years ago.

Of all the wood-bending how to books, this is my favorite: I bought four books on woodbending with an eye primarily to learn about bent-ply furniture manufacture and prototyping. This book is inexpensive (check the used bargains) and filled with every imaginable technique including my primary interest, creating bent-plywood furniture. If you want to learn how to bend wood this book will be enough.


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