Built-Ins and Storage (For Pros By Pros)

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by: Editors of Fine Homebuilding

Topics include: carousel pieces, feeder chute, mattress platform, wire shelving, extension slides, hat shelf, cloud bed, maple plywood, biscuit joinery, drawer hardware, closet pole, drawer slides, fixed shelf, center partition, main chute, adjustable shelves, shelf standards, story pole, face frame, pocket hole, upper cabinet, yellow glue, cabinet floor, single shelf, story stick

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Book Description -- Storage is a top priority for homeowners and builders alike, and this selection of articles from the editors of Fine Homebuilding magazine provides inspiring ideas, helpful case studies, and key construction details for a range of storage solutions throughout the house. Closets, entertainment centers, built-in hutches, bookcases, room dividers, and pantry organization are just a few of the topics covered in this whole-house approach. Helpful tips on staying organized accompany specific storage plans, all of which contribute to the beauty, value, and order of a home.

Fine Homebuilding magazine -- Field-tested techniques for adding storage to your home
Storage never goes out of style. No matter how big the house, families always need more storage, which makes creating storage one of the magic words in the world of home building and remodeling. Built-in details that work well and look great start with the expert advice, tips, shortcuts, and techniques found in Taunton's For Pros By ProsŪ books. Built-Ins and Storage gives you the information you need to select the right materials and complete each job to professional-level standards.
Written by the pros who actually do the work, these articles will help you to:
Design and build effective built-ins
Build a fold-down bed
Create simple closet wardrobes
Construct a fireplace room divider
Create maximum storage in a laundry room
Design and build an entertainment center
Build-in a refrigerator
Update the kitchen pantry
To get the best remodeling results, you need solid advice from the best in the business. For Pros By ProsŪ books bring you field-tested techniques and real-world experience from the expert builders and remodeling pros who write for Fine Homebuilding magazine.

Field-tested techniques for adding storage to your home

Real-estate agents know what pushes the buttons of most home buyers, and they know how to push them in the right order. In just about every house I've ever looked at as a potential buyer, the agent has opened the front door and remarked, "Wow, look at those beautiful oak floors," followed by, "and you won't believe how much storage space there is in this house."

That says a lot about our quest for order. Most of us want a place for everything, and everything in its place. But just where are those "places"?

Every house, big or small, has unused nooks and crannies just waiting to work a little harder for you. Drawers in toe kicks under the cabinets, triangular lockers under a set of stairs, or spice racks recessed into the space between wall studs are just a few examples of putting neglected spaces to better use.

This book is a collection of articles from Fine Homebuilding that deal with creative storage solutions. Our authors, who are all professionals in their fields, take you along in their search for space in a range of real-world projects.

No more unused nooks and crannies to colonize? "Building a Hutch" will give you a chance to build something from scratch and tailor it to the details that look best in your house. "Building a Window Seat," on the other hand, delivers a triumvirate of closet space, bench storage, and a serene place to curl up and read a book.

The ideas in this collection just might be enough to get that real estate agent to start the tour by saying, "You won't believe how much storage space there is in this house," and get to the oak floors later.

Charles Miller
special issues editor, Fine Homebuilding


Table of Contents Field-tested techniques for adding storage to your home Introduction

1. Closets & Bedrooms
Outfitting a Clothes Closet
Simple Closet Wardrobe
Custom Closet Wardrobe
Building a Fold-Down Bed
Fanciful Built-In Beds
Bed Alcove

2. Hutches, Cabinets & Cases
A Bookcase That Breaks the Rules
Designing Built-Ins
A Pair of Built-In Hutches
Building a Lazy-Susan Cabinet
A Built-In Hardwood Hutch
Designing and Building an Entertainment Center
Building a Fireplace Room Divider
Improving Kitchen-Cabinet Storage

3. Kitchen, pantry & laundry room storage
Updating the Kitchen Pantry
Making the Most of a Laundry Room
Hide that Ugly Refrigerator
Faux Fridge Front

4. storage solutions & design ideas
Home Storage
Storage Ideas
Finishing Touches:
Hang 'Em High
Built-In Seating
Creative Storage in a Small House
Entertainment Centers

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