Best of Fine Woodworking: Modern Furniture Projects

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by: Dick Burrows (Editor)

Topics include: backrest slats, sun sled, pocket cutouts, threaded discs, pivoting drawer, pocket angle, hinge segments, webbing stretcher, plastic spline, tablesaw blade, spline weights, seat slats, stretcher rail, slate bed, plate joiner, feather strip, slip seat, mortising bit, ribbon table, dado blade, bridle joints, stub tenons, seat frame, beam slides, plunge router

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I didn't think this book is what it says it is: I had a number of problems with this book, which basically come down to that I wanted a book on "modern" furniture - a style developed in the 20's and 30's - but that's not what the book means by "modern", they mean "of today". Few of the projects in the book are in the "modern" style I was looking for. Many are rustic or distinctly pre-modern in style. The book is a collection of articles from Fine Woodworking magazine. Some of them are indeed "projects" as the title implies, but many of them read more like "a brief discussion of things you could do" instead. The ones I would call "projects" go on with the assumption that they will present a piece of furniture, show plans, and describe how it is made. The others basically show a few photos of furniture and discuss their features and a few details of their construction, without actually showing anything about what to do. I found this particularly frustrating as most of the few pieces in the book that I really liked were merely shown without much discussion. If you just want a book of articles about making furniture, it's a well printed book and I suppose the articles could be interesting in that context. However, if you're looking for a book about making furniture in the 20's/30's "modern" style, I don't think this is it.

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