Basic Stairbuilding

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by: Scott Schuttner

Topics include: mitered skirt, angle newel, stairwell opening length, stairwell length, stairwell size, stairwell framing, housed stringer, cut carriages, carriage lumber, starting newel, closed skirt, plywood treads, tread thickness, conventional stair, upper flight, unit rise, landing newel, carriage length, landing width, flight width, lower flight, top tread, straight stair, stair width, ladder stair

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Master the basics -- I just received this book and read it straight through. The pictures are good, the writing is clear and it's advice, as far as I am able to tell, is sound.
This book is true to its tittle. It won't help you to create beautiful spiral staircases but it will guide you on how to build safe, functioning staircases. It's well written and even some thought is given to the aesthetic of where the stairs should be in the house.
I also ordered the video companion which I haven't received yet but if it's as good as the book then I'll be more than happy.
Just one tip, should this be your first time building stairs I would suggest studying the topic as much as possible but also to have someone with experience give you a hand since the quality of stairs is vital to the safety of you and your family.
As I said, this book primarily covers the basics but in Carpentry mastering the basics is everything

Stair Building -- I was looking for a book that would help me both deign and eventually build a set of stairs for our new home...the book is very helpful, I really liked the photographs that showed the real situation, and the line drawings were accurate. The pictures are in black and white only, but that is not really a problem as they are clear. Several styles are described from very simple to more elaborate rebated/housed designs.
If you have some idea of what you are doing then this will definately clarfiy a few things for you

Basic Stairbuilding
Scott Schuttner
Straightforward solutions to stairbuilding challenges
If you've ever thought of stairbuilding as a job best left to an expert, this book will change your mind. Scott Schuttner gives all the practical how-to information needed to build three kinds of stairs: a simple straight case, an L-shaped stair and an open-riser stair. This sharply focused book provides straightforward solutions to virtually any stairbuilding situation.
"Finally, a practical, step-by-step book on how to build a professional quality stair."
-- Journal of Light Construction


Basic Stairbuilding

Scott Schuttner

Straightforward solutions to stairbuilding challenges

1. Basic Stair Design

2. The Stairwell

3. A Simple, Straight-Run Stair

4. An L-Shaped Stair: Skirts, Treads and Risers

5. An L-Shaped Stair: Newels, Rails and Balusters

6. An Open-Riser Ladder Stair

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