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(Time-Life "Home Repair and Improvement" and "Fix-it-Yourself" book series are now out of print!! But are still available from Amazon (see below links).

Time Life Fix it Yourself books

Authors: Various

The "Fix-It-Yourself" series appeared in the mid-1980s, with new volumes added on an unfixed schedule, through the late 1990s.. The original series was followed by the limited "Fix Yourself ..." series. And all-in-one "digests". See images below for examples.

Above: Hardcover series shown stacked up.

  1. Walls, Ceilings and Woodwork

  2. Floors, Stairs & Carpets

  3. Lawn & Garden

  4. Fixing Your House to Sell ["diy-resources.com"]

  5. Small Appliances

  6. Basic Car Care

  7. Brick, Stone and Concrete

  8. Home Emergencies

  9. Home Heating and Cooling

  10. The Older House

  11. Pest Control

  12. Furniture

  13. Home Workshop Techniques

  14. Cleaning and Stain Removal

  15. Family Medical Guide

  16. Power Tools and Equipment

  17. Basement and Foundation

  18. Master Index & Shop Manual

  19. Porches, Decks & Fences

  20. Kitchen & Bathroom Plumbing

  21. Roofing & Siding

  22. Basic Car Care

  23. Home Electronics

  24. Windows & Doors

  25. New Fix It Yourself Manual

  26. Fix Your ... Plumbing

  27. Fix Your ... Windows & Doors

  28. Fix Your ...Lighting & Electricity


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