Welding Supplies


The leading manufacturers that are spread throughout the nation supply welding machines and other spare parts used in welding through their shops and retails stores. WeilerDirect.com is a supplier of Lincoln and Hobart welding machines and other accessories like welding helmets.

Hobart supplies spot welders, oxy-acetylene torches, spot welders, resistance spot welders, and welders/generators are offered. Lincoln supplies MIG welders, titanium, aluminum, stainless steel, tool steel, and cold rolled steel. Control systemizing supplies weld master machines that are useful in laser welding. With the usage of argon shield, the carbon dioxide laser welding technique is useful for achieving precision and accuracy.

J&R Welding Supply Corporation is the supplier for Hobart, Smith &Victor, Thermal Dynamics welding machines, and other accessories. They supply industrial gas and hydro testing equipment like victor medial kits, helium regulators, hoses, strikers, torches, TIG guns, antispatters, electrodes, solid wire, tubular wire, cylinders, hammers, brushes, trucks.

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ESAB Group Inc. supplies TIG welders, MIG or wire welders, stick welders, flux cored welders, multi process welders, plasma arc cutters, wire feeders, multi operator systems, and automated welding systems. ESAB also produces submerged arc welders, welding equipment, welding guns and accessories, oxy-fuel torches, gas torches, gas regulators, gas welding tips and nozzles, stainless steel welding wire, flux cored welding wire, MIG welding wire, welding consumables. They also supply welder training materials for the industrial, maintenance and repair, farm and ranch, construction, motor sports, hobbyist and fabrication markets. All the ESAB products can be ordered and purchased online. ESAB Group Inc. and its subsidiary units in Atlanta, Hanover, Ashtabula, Ohio, Florida, Monterrey, and South California have won the ISO 9002 certification.

Hydroweld specializes in underwater welding equipments and they undertake projects also. Hydroweld is operating its branches in the US, Netherlands, Australia, South Africa, China, Korea, Sweden and Thailand, and supply underwater welding equipment. Seelye, Inc. is unique in its supply of thermoplastic hot air welding equipment.

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