Air Compressor Uses


In Business and Industry

Air compressors used for professional applications are often termed "industrial grade." They are packed with features that let you tackle more demanding jobs with more horsepower, more CFM (cubic feet per minute), more PSI (pounds per square inch) and more (i.e., longer) run times. While some industrial-grade compressors are portable, many are stationary units with large-capacity, ASME-certified air tanks (up to 120 gallons), more HP (horsepower), more CFM air volume and a faster recovery time to run a wide selection of air tools for long-duration use.

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In the Home

Compressed-air power tools can significantly reduce the amount of time spent on projects. Lots ofhomeowners will use smaller, portable units (either hand-carried or wheeled) that are easily transported from the garage to the house, yard or roof. Common air tools such as brad nailers, reversible drills, and impact wrenches need about 0–5 CFM (cubic feet per minute, the units in which air flow is measured). It is important to know if the compressor you are buying will drive the air tool you will need for your projects. For example, smaller air nailers run on 2 to 5 CFM at 70 to 90 PSI, while larger shears, sanders and polishers require up to 10 or more CFM and 100 to 120 PSI.

If you're looking for air compressors or air-tool products for your home, visit this page.

Air Compressors: Stages

Two-Stage versus Single-Stage

Two-stage air compressors offer reliable air source in commercial, industrial and automotive applications. Multi-stage compressors seem to be more efficient, compressing air to a higher pressure than single-stage compressors. This permits more air to be stored for future use while generating less heat, reducing wear and extending compressor life. If you are looking to by single- or two-stage units, visit this page.

Power Sources for Air Compressors

Gas-Powered Air Compressors Gas-Powered Air Compressors are ideal for job site pneumatic applications where electrical power is not available. Our vendor partner offers compressors driven by super-reliable Honda or Kohler engines.

Electric-Powered Air Compressors Electric-Powered Air Compressors can be plugged in anywhere and are best used in enclosed areas where gas fumes are unacceptable. Always know your compressor's required voltage and phase. For example, you can order a 230 Volt, single-phase OR 200, 230 or 460 Volt, 3-phase compressor, depending on available power.

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