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Recommended Books


Recommended Books

Walk-Behind Lawn Mower: Service Manual (Walk-Behind Lawn Mower Service Manual, 5th ed)
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Small Engine Care and Repair: A step-by-step guide to maintaining your small engine (Briggs and Stratton)
by Briggs, Daniel London, Stratton

About the Author
The editors of Creative Publishing international have created more than 25 of the best-selling books on home repair, home improvement, and landscaping. All books are exhaustively researched, written, photographed, and edited by veteran staff members with years of experience in their areas of expertise. top of page

Product Description:
With this book, you can handle all of the maintenance needs of your four-stroke small engine, whatever the brand, and take on virtually any repair project. It guides you through each procedure in clear, concise steps, with more than 325 color photographs and illustrations. Small Engine Care and Repair provides more than just detailed instructions and glossy photos. It teaches you the principles of small engine operation, so you can broaden your knowledge, whether you're performing maintenance or repairs or just want to understand your equipment better. This book is a resource for beginners and seasoned home mechanics alike, with a wealth of information on specialty tools, safety and other issues affecting your small engine. This new, expanded edition has been revised to include an important section on seasonal maintenance, and updated to include the latest engines, maintenance products, and tools. top of page

Accolades from Amazon readers:

"This is one of the few books I have that I can say is well worth the value. Excellent color photos in step by step sequence, exploded diagrams, coverage of different models, are all well done. This book gave me the confidence I needed to tackle a major overhaul of a 10-year old mower." top of page

"This is a great reference for care and servicing of small B&S lawn mower engines. Contains countless photos with illustrations and some tables, but mostly a lot of color photos. Contains chapters entitled "Maintenance", "Basic Repair", and "Advanced Repair". "Maintenance" includes servicing spark plugs and air cleaners. "Basic Repair" includes troubleshooting, adjusting the carburetor, and replacing the rewind. "Advanced Repair" includes overhauling the carburetor, replacing the ignition, removing cylinder head carbon deposits, servicing the valves, and servicing the engine brake. The book does not cover overhauling the engine, but is a great reference for lawn mower owners who want to do their own maintenance." top of page

"I recently checked out many small engine maintenance manuals and took the gamble on purchasing this one. As I live in New Zealand, their are limited good quality manuals available for reasonable prices. I was very impressed with this manual and my husband said the photos and technical data were very well presented and easy to understand and follow. The information contained in this manual will save you money and give you the confidence to service your lawnmower yourself. Highly recommended, well done Briggs and Stratton. A must for maintenance."

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John Deere lawn tractor -- one of the many brands we carry parts for

We are your lawn, garden and small-farm parts headquarters with over 15,000 parts for all your major brands, and many hard to find parts. From blades and belts to pulleys and air filters, we have the parts you need to get your equipment up and running.

Here is a small sample of items found in our database:


* Belts
* Blades
* Commercial
* Drive and Deck Parts
* Seats
* Starter Parts
* Hardware
* Electrical
* Cables and Controls
* Fuel Related Parts


* Two Cycle Oil Mix
* Chain Saw Parts
* Chain Saw Accessories


* Brakes
* Cent Clutches
* Fuel Line
* Go-Kart Engines
* Roller Chain

* Throttle Accessories
* Tires
* Tire Tools and Accessories
* Torque Converters
* Wheels

Miscellaneous Parts:

* Aerator/Dethatcher
* Edger Blades
* Edger Shafts
* Fuel Related Parts
* Snow parts
* Tiller Tines

Maintenance Needs:

* Two Cycle Oil Mix
* Chemicals and Lubricants
* Oil Filters and Acc.
* Tools
* Tubes/Valve Stems


This site features Kohler and Tecumseh Engines. Both Kohler and Tecumseh offer a wide range of horsepower in both vertical and horizontal engines that are great for both consumer and commercial applications. Whether you are looking to re-power your equipment or need an engine for a new application we have you covered. We also have a great selection of Go-Kart engines with the Tecumseh family of Powersport engines and the Kohler XKE racing engine.

Kohler Engines:

* Horizontal
* Vertical
* Go-Kart
* Kohler Engine Parts

Tecumseh Engines:

* Horizontal
* Vertical
* Go-Kart
* Tecumseh Engine Parts


* Kohler Engine Manuals
* Tecumseh Engine Manuals

Engine Parts and Accessories:

* Air Filters
* Battery Accessories
* Carb gask/parts
* Exhaust
* Oil Filters and Acc.
* Spark Plug Accessories

* Briggs and Straton Parts
* Honda Engine Parts
* Tecumseh Engine Parts
* Kohler Engine Parts

Other Products That You May Find Useful:

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Complete Lawn Renovation Guide

Now is the ideal time to plan a complete lawn renovation because we are approaching one of the most active growing seasons. The optimum germination temperatures for most grass seeds is 65 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Laying the foundation of a good lawn starts before you ever plant your seed. Proper preparation helps avoid many future problems like diseases; weeds, and yellowing. top of page

Complete Turf Makeover 101:

1. Before doing anything take representative samples of your soil and conduct a soil test. A soil test will detail vital aspects of your lawn such as pH and organic content along with recommended rates of fertilizer, lime and minor elements that should be applied to your site.

2. Kill off existing weeds and grasses on the site to be tilled up. You can use a glyphosate type of herbicide like Round Up.making sure to spray the entire area evenly. Wait 7 days for grass and weeds to die. A second application may be necessary especially if killing dense turf and weeds or tough-to-control weeds such as Bermuda grass.

Multiply (length) x (width) to determine the number of square feet you need to spray. Mix Roundup Concentrate - 6 ounces per gallon of water. Each gallon you mix will treat 300 square feet.

3. Roto-till your lawn and add PERMA-Till to you soil. Perma Till is a long lasting soil additive that looses clay while improving soil structure and drainage. To learn more about Perm-till follow this link:

Start working on a making the initial "slope" to your lawn. Change any areas that need filling in or cutting down to provide a more level, properly sloped lawn area. An ideal lawn slope allows water to gently run off of the site, usually at a slope of 1-2 foot drop per 100 feet (1-2% slope). If large areas must be moved, try and set aside the top 5 inches (topsoil) of your soil to replace back in the same location

4. Spread the necessary soil amendments and fertilizers based on the results of the soil test. Do the second Roto-tilling of your lawn area. Improve the soil by spreading 2 to 3 inches of organic matter, such as compost, over the planting area.

Till the soil to incorporate the organic matter to a depth of 6 to 8 inches. Make two or three passes in alternating directions.

5. Smooth the planting area with a leveling rake - An ideal finish is to get all of the lawn very smooth and level, resulting in the top 1-2 inches of the soil being very fine composition.

6. You are now ready to seed your lawn. Set your seed spreader at the appropriate setting and fill it with half the seeds.? Walking at a steady pace, sow the seed over the planting area, moving back and forth in opposite directions. Repeat the process using the rest of the seeds, walking at a 90-degree angle to your original paths. This will ensure that the seed is sown evenly.

7. Spread a thin layer (1/8 to 1/4 inch) of organic matter (such as peat moss or bonemeal) covering all the seeds. This will help keep the seeds from drying out. Also, spread a good starter fertilizer -the best lawn fertilizer available is called Turf Trust.

8. Push a water-filled roller (about a third full) over the entire area to make sure the seeds and soil are in good contact. Roller can be rented or purchased -- this step is Optional

9. Water the seedbed thoroughly so the soil is moist to a depth of 6 to 8 inches. Apply the water slowly so that the seeds do not wash away.

10. Keep the seedbed moist (but not soggy) until the seed germinates and the new grass is a few inches high. In hot weather you may have to water more than once a day.

11. The new grass should be mowed when it is 3 inches tall. Make sure the mower blades are sharp. Mow at a height of 2 to 2 1/2 inches. Regular mowing through the remainder of the fall will help to thicken the turf. top of page

Seed Selection:

Choosing the right grass for your new lawn ensures that it will be beautiful, healthy and easy to take care of for years to come. We always recommend using a blend that is formulated for your area. A few extra dollers spent on seed provide good color, disease and drought resistant turf that will save money in the future.

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