Profits from Plants -- Income Opportunities in Horticulture: Intro and Table of Contents

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Discover the secrets of successful growing ...

Growing Plants; Field Studies; Business Opportunities --- Job Leads

Discover the secrets of how to make money growing and selling trees, flowers, and plants....

Benefit from the experiences of an international experts who have grown and sold millions of plants.

Know which plants are hot!

Learn important business and financial pointers.

Special details about how to make and sell expensive potting soil -- a real gold mine!

How to grow trees, plants, and flowers profitably.

Sources for additional information.

How to find a good job in horticulture -- learn the ropes while you earn.

Fun-filled field trip outlines to help you discover real-world facts.


This guide is intended to present information about commercial activity within certain subject areas of horticulture. While the author and publisher have carefully attempted to make this information reliable and timely, readers should note that a good deal of it is based upon personal experiences and observations of the author. The validity of the information and viewpoints can differ with circumstances; therefore, neither the author nor publisher guarantees the accuracy of the text material under all situations.

No attempt has been made to make the present guide a final and ultimate source of information about the subject matter involved. Readers should always study further sources in order to complement, amplify, and confirm the present text.

Beginning a business in specialized horticulture is not a get rich quick scheme. Although many people have become extremely successful in this field, most have accomplished the feat only after working hard and smart.

We shall have no liability or responsibility to any individual or entity experiencing loss or damage, or alleged loss or damage, thought to be caused directly or indirectly by information presented in this guide.


During the many years I have worked as a university professor and commercial horticulturist, numerous people have asked me to counsel them about how to start their own career in this fulfilling and profitable industry.

Over time, this consulting work began to occupy a good deal of my interest and daily activity. In response to these additional duties, I decided to organize all the information people required into a coherent series of guides and blogs which covered the material progressively from introductory principles through the highly technical data a person might need to operate a successful greenhouse or nursery.

This guide -- Profits from Plants: Income Opportunities in Horticulture -- for the most part, generalized and designed to give persons interested in a horticultural career a quick overview which can be easily understood, even if they lack an amateur background in gardening, landscaping or other aspects of plant culture. Profits from Plants will also expose beginners to a wide variety of opportunities in horticulture. The field studies in particular should broaden every reader’s understanding of the numerous possibilities open to exploration as career choices.

While most people who seek advice are interested from an entrepreneurial standpoint, a significant number wish to begin their careers working for an established business or institution, thereby gaining valuable experience before striking out on their own. This is why I have included an extensive section about how to find jobs in horticulture. Working for someone else is often the most sensible thing to do as a beginner. You accumulate a lot of knowledge about the field and get paid a salary in the process. Not a had deal!

In Profits from Plants, I want to first give readers a glimpse into how they might start their own commercial horticulture business. I will then present some general principles concerning how to grow and market plants. A later section about private label potting soil illustrates how related profit centers can make a good business even more successful. This section introduces you to the many details which must be taken care of when setting up a specific horticultural business. It also includes time tested formulas for mixing your own greenhouse and nursery soil—thereby helping to provide one of the essential ingredients needed for plant production.

The most important part of your introduction to career opportunities in horticulture will consist of a series of practical field studies. These exercises provided in Profits from Plants will help you not only to evaluate real businesses and institutions in operation, but also to recognize the many other facets of commercial horticulture which might prove interesting and profitable.

Most people benefit more through these self-directed studies than could be accomplished by hundreds of hours of classroom courses. The obvious care and remarkable insight which “ordinary” people display while completing these field studies far outshines the effort most university students put forth during formal training for this subject.

At the end of Profits from Plants you can find other resources listed which will lead you into more specific areas of commercial horticulture. These references may be available at your local library or bookstores, on the internet.

Over the years I have sold millions of plants, trees, and flowers. This business has not only been profitable for me—it has also provided an interesting, healthful, and fulfilling career which I would not trade for any other.

Do you want to enjoy the same benefits? If so, then get busy gathering the information and making the decisions necessary to assure success. Many years ago I had a pleasant and secure job as a university professor—it wasn’t easy to give up that good life for an uncertain future as a horticultural grower. But the choice has proven to be both a spiritual and monetary “goldmine.” Your career can be as equally rewarding.

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