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Have you ever had a question on how to perform a lawn-care chore but couldn’t find the answer to it? You probably spent hours thumbing through various references but were unable to put your finger on the answer to your problem. This book will solve this dilemma for you.

You’ll find the lawn-care techniques used by the experts presented in an easy-to-understand, down-to-earth question-and-answer style. This approach to solving those nagging lawn-care problems will prove invaluable to you. You can quickly scan through the questions until you find the ones related to your particular needs. This eliminates the need for reading entire paragraphs just to find answers to those important questions.

Once you have found the solution to your particular problems there is a year-round lawn-care guide to help you in your general planning. No longer will you have to guess about weed control, fertilizing, seeding, and the other lawn-care chores. This handy reference takes the worry Out of yard work and allows you to develop a luxurious lawn with a minimum of effort. If you follow the month-by-month guide to lawn care, you will prevent minor problems from becoming major disasters.

Why not surprise your friends with your landscaping skills by using ground cover plants to beautify your property? Strategically placed ground cover beds will add a touch of elegance to your outdoor surroundings.

Be sure to consult the section on plants suitable to your region when landscaping your lawn. A map will show you which plants are adapted for use in your area. Specialized categories are also listed so you can select plants to meet your specific needs.

Seventy percent of all pesticide-related deaths occur to children 5 years old or younger. If this statistic startles you then be sure to read the special introduction to the chapter on insects and their control. Above all, you will want to keep pesticides away from your children.

Whether your goal is to have the most attractive lawn in the neighborhood or just to grow healthy grass and keep the weeds out, this book is designed to help you. There are numerous illustrations and tables which will enable you to better understand the answers more fully and for your quick reference. You will also find the glossary helpful for those words or phrases unfamiliar to you.

As you read through the chapters, remember to mark those questions and answers which are uppermost in your mind. This will help you quickly locate them when you are ready to try a new technique or to solve a lawn-care problem.

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