Consumer Guide to Solar Energy

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Consumer Guide to Solar Energy

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by: Scott Sklar

Topics include:

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At a time when millions of Americans are facing higher energy costs and less disposable income in their pockets, the newly updated Consumer Guide to Solar Energy can show you how to reduce these costs while actually making your home more comfortable.

The costs of energy for heating, cooling and electricity are at an all-time high in most parts of the country, and many energy experts predict that they will continue to rise. At the same time, there is growing concern about the reliability of an aging and less-than-secure electric grid. Recent events have further emphasized the need for energy security and reduced reliance on imported oil.

Consumer Guide to Solar Energy is a must for those who are tired of power brownouts and blackouts, skyrocketing energy bills and the feeling that there is nothing we can do to help resolve these problems ourselves. Don't wait for utility bill sticker shock to worsen, or sit through another power outage or energy disruption. The new edition of this guide can help readers seize their own destiny, become more self-reliant and use the available technology to make their homes more comfortable and their power bills more affordable.

Two nationally recognized experts on solar energy have updated their classic guide for homeowners and businesses. Learn about numerous new products, proven reliable and effective, which are now available on the shelves of hardware stores, home supply centers and other outlets. The new edition includes updated information on solar energy tax credits and a host of new state programs supporting clean energy. The incentives total more than $3 billion for clean energy installations, and the authors provide a quick guide to accessing these and other consumer benefits.

About the Author

Scott Sklar heads his own national strategic marketing and policy firm for clean energy in Washington, D.C. For 15 years he served as executive director of the Solar Energy Industries Association, the national trade association for solar energy.

Ken Sheinkopf is associate director of the Florida Solar Energy Center, one of the largest and most active renewable energy research and education centers in the world. He has been with the center for 18 years and has directed hundreds of training and education programs for consumers and technical audiences.


Practical, non-technical introduction to solar energy: This is a well-organized and interesting introduction to home-related applications of solar energy. Written for the lay person, it contains no math beyond a few simplified cost calculations. The main topics are solar hot water and pool heating; solar electricity; solar cooking, cooling, and space heating; and financing/economics/incentives. The book also has nice illustrations, more than 50 photos, and a well-chosen resource list and glossary.

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