Developing Your Battle Plan

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Low-Maintenance Living

If you’re ready to get organized and can’t quite figure out where to begin, you’ll need to start by setting up the proper attitude and atmosphere. While you’re dealing with your clutter, put the following rules into effect:

•Don’t allow distractions.

No visitors, TV, or stopping to read an article in a magazine you pick up.

•No phone calls. Don’t take any and don’t make any.

•Stay out of the kitchen. Stop to eat only at meal time.

•Do one thing at a time. If you are cleaning out a closet, just work on that closet; don’t walk into another room and start doing something else until you are finished with that closet.

•Don’t try to keep everything! Hoarding is physically and mentally exhausting, and you’ll never conquer your clutter unless you can learn to let go.

•If you’re having trouble finding the time to get things done, try reading books like How to Get Organized When You Don’t Have the Time.

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