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Installing quick-release fittings

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Just as electrical plugs and outlets allow you to connect power tools to electricity without having to splice wires each time, quick-release fittings provide a valuable means of rapidly switching between devices on the end of your air hose. There are just about as many different fittings as there are models of plunge routers. Each manufacturer has its own quick release, which, of course, does not mate with other manufacturers’ fittings.

When installing fittings, the female quick- release coupler fittings go on the ends of your hoses, while the simpler (and cheaper) male nipple ends mount to all your air tools, guns, and devices. Both male and female quick releases come with either male or female mounting threads: Make sure you note which you need for each tool or device before you buy them.

Quick-release air-hose fittings are ideal for rapid changes of hoses and pneumatic tools. But a plethora of non-interchangeable brands and sizes makes it essential that you choose one particular model for your entire system.

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