Radioactive Contaminants -- Indoor Air Pollutants: Where to Find Them and What to Do

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• Floor drains and sumps.

• Joints where basement walls and floor come together.

• Cracks in basement walls and floors.

• Holes in the foundation wall for pipes and wiring.

• Exposed earth or rock surfaces in the basement

• Well water.


• The US EPA and the Surgeon General recommend that all homes be tested for their

• radon levels below the third floor.

• Install a sub-slab ventilation system.

• Cover exposed earth with a polyethylene air barrier.

• Seal all cracks and joints in the foundation wall and floor slab with caulking or foam.

• Install a self priming drain or gas trap in floor drains leading to a sump or to drainage tiles.

• Remove radon from well water using activated charcoal filters or aeration units.

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