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Allergen Fighters: Our top-pick allergy-fighting products...

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Blueair Air Cleaner
The Blueair Air Cleaner From Sweden…Highest Rated* For Removing Small, Airborne Particles.

It traps nearly 300% more dirt than the average air cleaner, using both mechanical and electrostatic air-cleaning technology! First, the filter’s ultra-thin fibers trap small particles; secondly, smaller particles are given a negative electrostatic charge so that they’re more easily attracted to the filters. This HEPASilent Filter Technology explains how the Blueair AV501 traps more smoke, dust and pollen particles using filters that are less dense than other air cleaners use…and with considerably less noise.

Since this technology allows air to flow more easily through the unit, the fan doesn’t have to work so hard, resulting in greatly reduced noise levels. Also uses less energy than a 70w bulb at the highest of its four speeds.

Hydrophobic (waterproof) filter material makes it impossible for germs to combine with moisture and get into the fibers to reproduce. The HEPASilent® filter also contains more than 400 thin, actively charged carbon-fiber layers to absorb odors.

Just plug in the cord, choose one of four speeds, and breathe cleaner air! When it’s time to change the filter every six months, it takes under 30 seconds, and there are no pre-filters to wash or clean. For rooms up to 550 sq. ft. 5’ cord. 20"x13"x26" tall. UL listed.

*Based on Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR); AHAM 2000 Directory of Certified Room Air Cleaners (1/00)

Steam Inhaler
Breathe easier in minutes with our easy-to-use Steam Inhaler.
Doctors suggest inhaling steam to get rid of congestion and that “I can’t breathe” feeling associated with head colds, sinusitis, flu, bronchitis and allergies. Rather than drape a towel over your head and bend over a hazardous pot of boiling water, try this personal steam inhaler instead. It’s easy, safe and effective. Just fill with tap water (and medication, if desired) and plug it in. Steam is ready in 3–5 minutes. Position your face above the foldable hood and breathe in the soothing steam for 5–15 minutes. (Also works as a facial beauty sauna.) Includes LED “on” light, one aromatic eucalyptus inhalant pad (extras sold separately). No-slip rubber feet. Dual voltage. UL listed.

Electrostatic Furnace Filters
Furnace Filters
You'll Breathe Easier Indoors...These Furnace Filters Electrostatically Clean Air, Without Wiring!

Problem: Your respiratory system must eliminate 2 heaping teaspoons of pollutants each DAY. But the typical disposable furnace filter removes only a fraction of indoor pollutants like dust, pollen and smoke.
Solution: Our Electrostatic Air Filter removes an average of 87% of the dust particles that pass through it—doesn’t recirculate them, so your home’s air is as fresh as can be.

The Best Part: It’s as easy to use as your current filter—permanently replaces it, with no electrical hookup or installation. The fiber materials used in its exclusive 3-stage filtration system have an inherent static electrical charge. The friction of the air passing through increases that charge, attracting and holding particles as they enter. Plus, Microban® additive is embedded in the filter media to inhibit bacteria, yeast and fungi growth on the filter.

Simple to clean: just rinse under running water every month or so, and it’s guaranteed by the manufacturer to last a lifetime! Heavy-duty 1”-thick metal frame for durability.

Electrostatic Filters For Your 90%+ High-Efficiency Furnace Or Heat Pump! Since those systems have a limited airflow, these filters, though similar to above, have an 82% pollutant-removal efficiency rating, without restricting airflow.

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Air Purifier
Advanced Multi-Stage Air Purifier cleans the air you breathe without the need for replacement filters.
Value-priced purifier cleans the air in more ways than one! Stage #1: Electrostatic filter attracts and traps pollutants, dust and dirt. Stage #2: Open-pore polyurethane foam has an extremely high dust-holding capacity. Stage #3: Honeycomb filter also captures and retains pollutants. Stage #4: Optional scent emitter (one scent pack included). Stage #5: Ionizer produces negative ions to reduce the amount of indoor bacteria in the air, and leaves the room smelling as fresh as a spring shower. Filters #1-3 are contained in a single, easy-to-clean cassette. High/low speeds. 215-sq.-ft. ionization coverage. 11-1/2”x9”x5-3/4” tall. UL listed.

AllergyZone Furnace Filter
If You’ve Got Allergies, There’s Nothing Better Than A Furnace Filter With A “MERV Rating” Of 12—Like This One!
The Allergy Zone™ XL1500 Ultra is a disposable, high-efficiency pleated panel filter developed by an allergy and asthma specialist to provide higher efficiency and better overall filtering performance than other home furnace filters. Its MERV efficiency rating of 12 means that it meets or exceeds all other pleated filters available for home use! MERV stands for Minimum Efficiency Rating Value, as rated by ASHRAE (American Society of Refrigeration, Heating and Electric) through laboratory testing. A rating of 12 is the highest rating possible for a residential furnace filter, and that’s what this filter was awarded! 500% more effective than fiberglass furnace filters. See the chart below to see how well it works! All are 1" thick. Change every three months. Not recommended for AprilAire Systems.
particulate chart
Register Filter Pads
Choose A Scent, Then Clean and Freshen The Air In Every Room...Thru The Registers! Place one of these air and dust filter pads inside your forced air register and its fresh, clean fragrance will float through your home every time the blower goes on! Each pad traps pollen, dust and dust mites, mold, mildew and fungi spores, and at the same time releases a pleasant scent. Three filters per set (change pads every three months).