Water and Plumbing Filters


You may need a water filter if you have any of these problems:

1. Rotten egg (sulfur) smell.
2. Light brown stains in sinks and toilets.
3. Water hardness is 120, based on a water test kits.

The source of light staining may be reduced or eliminated with a sediment filter (normally iron stains are orange -- think rust).

Possibly remedies:

A dual whole-house filter and put a Sediment filter in the housing that the water will hit first. In the second housing put a water-softening cartridge. It is important that one uses a sediment pre-filter before the water-softening cartridge because if you don't it will get clogged. A whole house set-up should take most of the sediment and hardness out of all the water in a home. However, the water still might have some contaminants that would make it unsuitable for drinking. Hence, one may also need a drinking water system. A point-of-use drinking water system for residents with a well -- one never knows what could be seeping in through ground water. Point-of-use systems come in several different varieties.

Water Filter: Types and/or their uses and related accessories:

- Bag Filters
- Ceramic Filters
- Counter Top Filters
- Faucet Filters
- Filter Housings
- Garden Filters
- Icemakers
- In Line / Universal
- Mounting Brackets
- O-Rings
- Outdoor / Emergency
- Pitcher Filters
- Pool and Spa Filters
- Quick-Change
- Refrigerator Water Filters
- Reverse Osmosis
- RO Membranes
- RV / Marine Filters
- Shower Water Filters
- Specialty Filters
- TDS Meters
- Under-Sink Filters
- Washing Machine
- Whole-House Filters