Shotgunning: The Art and the Science

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by: Bob Brister

Topics include:

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Book Description:

Book Description -- Anyone who has ever shot and missed with a shotgun will profit from Bob Bristers advice. Virtually every shooting problem encountered is covered completely. Photographs, taken literally over the barrel, show how to mount the gun, point, and swing through the target with proper forward balance. In-depth studies are presented in easy-to-understand text to help the shotgunner understand and improve all aspects of his shooting.

Required Reading -- Bob Brister's excellent book, "Shotgunning: The Art and the Science" is a shooting classic. Brister was truly ahead of his time, and his work is as relevant today as it was during the '70's. In fact, it is not uncommon to find repeated references to work done by Brister by many of today's shooting authors. Through a combination of intuition and hard work, Brister dispels many popular misconceptions of the day by applying science to a sport that has long relied on theories based on a tin can and a fence post. If you have ever wondered what happens when you pull the trigger of a shotgun, read this book. If you are at all interested in the shooting sports, make this book your next. If you already own it, you know what I'm talking about. You will be reading it for years to come

This book published in '82 was way ahead of its time -- Brister is one of the great natural wing shots and approched it so seriously that he did a thorough examination of the sport's instrument - the shotgun. He was way ahead of his time. This is really a splendid book for anyone who wants to learn to shoot. He was a good neighbor to boot


An excellent, in depth treatment of shotguns and shotgunning -- This book is probably responsible for more people (including me) taking up shotgun shooting than any other book.It is considered "the bible" of shotgunning. It covers the basics, such as gun fit and learning to shoot,as well as several fascinating, and readily understandable technical sections on chokes, loads, shotstrings, velocities, and much more. If you read this book, you will get hooked by the most fun, challenging, and fascinating sport there is.

Practical Information on Shotgunning by an expert! -- Bob Brister takes into account shot "stringing" and its effects on targets/gamebirds. Although most shotgun patterns are measured by the percentage of pellets striking a 30" circle at a measured distance; all pellets do not arrive at the same instant. Bristers method shows what really happens with a clever system that illustrates the effect of shot when applied to a moving target.Want to shoot better and have a better understanding of why you miss? Buy the book!

Good Science Presented in an Artful Manner -- WOW! I got lucky and picked up this book as my first book on shotgunning. Now I'm hooked! Brister's easy going presentation is combined with his technically complete analysis of exhaustive research to give anybody mildly interested in the shotgun a series of lessons they will cherish forever. From initial training to gun fitting to shot ballistics to international competition, this book provides it all!

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