Frangible Ammunition: The New Wave in Firearms Ammunition

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by: John F. Mullins, John Mullins

Topics include: decisional training, percent ballistic gelatin, frangible ammo, basic marksmanship training, frangible rounds, breaching round, conventional ammunition, expended rounds, bullet traps, standard ammunition, shoot houses, steel targets, service ammunition, outdoor ranges, soft body armor, copper jacket, service round, pistol rounds, firearms training, indoor ranges, lethal force, airborne lead, tactical team

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Book Description:

Book Description -- Frangible Ammunition represents the first viable revolutionary change to firearms science in the past 100 years! A polymer-compound round that produces no splashback and vastly decreased ricochets, frangible ammo is ideal for marksmanship training for both indoor and outdoor ranges, tactical team training, close-in engagement of metal targets and specialized service use. As such, it is the safest full-power training ammo for police and military shooters, civilian range owners and casual shooters. Despite its widespread acceptance, however, there has been no in-depth study of this cutting-edge round . . . until now. This book remedies that by teaching the potential user what a frangible round is, what they can and cannot be used for, how to construct safe training devices and facilities and the proper street and service uses for the round.


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