Delta JT360 Shopmaster 6" Stationary Jointer

Delta JT360 Shopmaster 6" Stationary Jointer Review

The first time you run a workpiece through this jointer, you'll know the satisfaction that precision brings. You'll be surfacing pieces as wide as 6-1/8 inches with a maximum pass depth of 1/8 inch over a 2-1/2-inch, three-blade cutterhead. If you've used a benchtop jointer in the past, you'll love stepping up to the JT360, with its 46-inch bed and 4-7/8-inch fence that tilts to 45 degrees--in and out--for beveling and chamfering. Positive stops are at 45 and 90 degrees. The bed is cast iron, and the infeed and outfeed tables operate smoothly on the gibbed dovetail ways. What's nice about moving up to this model is its 1/2-inch rabbeting capacity, perfect for picture frame moldings and lots of other projects. We're even impressed with the stand's solid, wide footprint and comfortable 33-inch height. --Kris Jensen-Van Heste

From the Manufacturer
Power and precision at an affordable price. This deluxe 6-inch jointer has a powerful 3/4-horsepower induction motor for smooth cutting action. The cast iron, wedge bed design has precision machined, dovetailed ways with adjustable "gibs" to adjust for wear. Precision-ground infeed/outfeed tables span 46 inches in length and 6 inches in width--ideal for handling long, large stock. The 2-1/2-inch diameter, three-knife, ball-bearing cutterhead powers through stock at 4800 rpm, producing 14,400 cuts per minute for a smooth finish. The infeed table is easy to adjust with the convenient raising and lowering lever and easy to read scale. This model also has a large, factory set, cast iron fence with positive stops at 90 and 45 degrees, and tilts 45 degrees in and out.

Delta Industrial Model JT360 6" Deluxe Jointer with a 3/4HP, 120/240V induction motor; stand, dust chute, center-mounted fence, three-knife cutterhead, cutterhead guard, push blocks and instruction manual.


* Heavy-duty, 3/4HP, 115/230V induction type motor.
* Cast-iron wedge bed for solid support with fully adjustable infeed and outfeed tables that operate on gibbed dovetailed ways to compensate for wear.
* Safety cutterhead guard for operator protection pivots out of the way of work during operation.
* Heavy-gage steel stand with wide footprint design for sturdy support features built-in dust chute to direct dust and chips away from operator; facilitates dust collection hook-up.
* Toggle switch with removable lock out key to prevent unauthorized use of machine.
* Lever-actuated infeed table with lock handle for quick, easy height adjustment.
* Center-mounted 4 7/8" X 35" fence for maximum work support throughout. Fence tilts for beveling and chamfering operations; features adjustable positive stops at 90° and 45° positions. Functions as a rear cutterhead guard on narrow cuts.
* Easy-to-read 0 to 1/2" depth-of-cut scale with automatic stop at 1/8" setting facilitates fast set-up for repetitive finish jointing.
* Full 6" X 46" table handles extra-long stock. Infeed table features cast-iron 8 3/4" X 3" support ledge for rabbeting operations. Safety cutterhead guard pivots out of the way of work during operation.

WEIGHT: 210 lbs.(95 kg)
Width: 6 1/8"(156 mm)
Depth: 1/8"(3 mm)
Rabbeting: 1/2"(13 mm)
Cuts Per Minute: 14,400
Diameter: 2 1/2"(64 mm)
Number of knives: 3
Speed: 4800 rpm, 14,400 cpm
Length: 46"(1168 mm)
Length of rear table (outfeed): 22 1/2"(572 mm)
Length of front table (infeed): 22"(559 mm)
Height from floor: 33 3/8"(848 mm)
FENCE: Size: 4 7/8" X 35"(124 X 889 mm)
TILT: 45° in and out
POSITIVE STOPS: 90°; 45° in and out
Height: 39"(991 mm)
Length: 46"(1168 mm)
Width: 28"(711 mm)

Two-year limited warranty on machines, parts, and accessories.

Amazon Reviews:

This is a good choice for small shops

I have owned a similar model for years now and I have been very pleased with its performance. I tried this model at a friends and found it to be basically the same as mine, thus this review.

I am thrilled to report that this tool is in no way flimsy or cheap. The cast iron is significant and I would give the fit and finish a grade of B+. The infeed/outfeed beds and the fence are very flat and hold their settings well. Though the open stand is not as sturdy as a closed stand would be, if you snug all of the bolts tight and then install this machine on a mobile stand, you won't have any trouble. In my experience, this tool has VERY little vibration, and it is EXTREMELY quiet. I would guess the low vibration is due to the weight - this thing is heavy. Although I would have preferred hand wheels for both infeed and outfeed bed height adjustment, I have not had a bit of trouble using the lever on the infeed table.

As for performance, I have edge/face jointed red and white oak, pine, poplar, walnut, and hard maple with no problems. The motor is more than adequate for all of my jointing needs as I always take a light cut. As for the knives, by varying the fence setting for narrow boards to insure even wear of the blades, I have only had to change my blades once. Though this was a terribly frustrating ordeal, that is common of all jointers so it is not really a valid criticism of this tool.

Overall, I am well pleased with this tool and don't expect that I will ever have need to replace it. Highly recommended!


Great tool for the price

This is the third jointer I have owned. The first a small cheapie bench top model that worked ok just didn't have enough bed length. The second was a Shopsmith 4" that worked just fine.
But mounting it to the Shopsmith got old quick. Also the bed length came into play again for any boards over 2 feet or so.
This jointer is great for the price. Does everything I hoped it would. The fence and tables were dead-on right out of the box. Knife settings were also right on. All I really had to do was assemble it and square the fence. I have used it quite a bit in the last few weeks. It has performed flawlessly! Sure it is not as pretty as many others out there what with the open stand and all, but that doesn't mean this is jointer isn't a great value, it surly is that. Fit and finish were great. Not as much grease to clean as some of my other Delta tools and assembly was simple. Don't be afraid to save a few bucks and get this guy! You won't be sorry.
The shipping was through ABF freight systems. I was able to track it throughout the shipping process and got a call to arrange delivery. The driver backed down my long driveway, and unloaded the heavy package into my garage. I didn't have to do a thing other than signing for it. There were a few holes punched in the box and I was concerned about damage. After opening the box I was pleasantly surprised to find how well this jointer was packaged. No damage at all! I took all the parts down to my basement shop and assembled it to the point of mounting the jointer to the stand. I got some help carrying the jointer downstairs and sitting it on the stand. After finishing the mounting and squaring it up I put it to use. I was going to buy the Delta wheeled base but after assembly it was pretty easy to drag into place. I saved the $50 for the portable base as I only need to move it on rare occasions and that is easily accomplished just by dragging it into place. The dust chute works well for me. I din't hook up to a dust collector or even a shop vac. Instead I put a cardboard box on the floor and 90% of the chips fall in. So I empty the box twice a week into the garbage pail. No hassel and so simple.
I am very satisfied with this jointer and the shipping/delivery used. I would not hesitate to do it again if needed.
For ratings I give it an
A for quality
A for fit and finish
B for assembly (some bolts are hard to get at)
A for shipping
A for quietness
A+ for value.



I took this machine home, had it set up in an hour or two and was on my way (TAKE YOUR TIME). I decided to really put it to the test by face jointing two 5' lengths of 6" wide jatoba (brazilian cherry... One of the hardest woods in the world). This machine was able to smoothly take 1/8 inch from the jatoba with one pass for a perfect joint. Also, out of the box this jointer was perfectly configured. Fence was right on, infeed and outfeeds were perfect as well as absolutely flat. Since this test, I've used the jointer extensively and am still using the factory blade edges. Another "should-mention" is the fact that there is absolutely no vibration at all, and this is with the standard poly v-belt. I just can't say anything negative about this jointer. One of my most confident and satisfied purchases yet!

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