Working Wood: A Complete Bench-Top Reference by Jim Tolpin

Working Wood: A Complete Bench-Top Reference (Spiral-bound)
by Jim Tolpin

Working Wood

Book Description
This handy bench reference tells what kinds of jig make a table saw more efficient or accurate, what’s the best drill-bit speed to use to drill a one-inch hole in hardwood, what clamps and fixtures to use if you’re lamin-ating curved pieces, and many more tricks. At last, a comprehensive, accessible, and easy-to-understand guide you can pull off the shelf whenever you’re stumped.

About the Author
Starting in 1970 as a boat-building apprentice in Maine, Jim Tolpin's career moved through timberframing, finshing, and cabinetry. A regular contributor to CabinetMaker and Woodshop News, Tolpin also writes for Fine Woodworking and American Woodworker. His book, Building Traditional Kitchen Cabinets, won the 1995 Stanley Award for Best How-To Book.

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Amazon Reviews:

"Just starting to dabble in woodworking as a hobby, I have acquired several books, but this is definitely one that I keep coming back to, and there a several reasons for that.

First and maybe most important is that it's bound in such a way that I can lay the book flat on the table. It allows me to go set up a tool, and constant refer back to the book without having to put weights to hold the book open, photocopies, etc. It's at much a tool as anything else in the shop.

Second, it covers all the major power tools, and their intended uses. It doesn't just tell you what each tool is, and how they work, but the best methods of how to use the tool.

Third, it is chock full of all sorts of tips and tricks to help make the work that you're doing easier and/or more precise. While sometimes it may be hard to remember exactly where a particular trick may be, the book does have a well put together index to help finding things.

This is easily the most important book that I have in my workshop, and have recommended it to others that I know. Now if only other book manufacturers would bind their books in the same way."

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