The Complete Illustrated Guide to Shaping Wood (Complete Illustrated Guide)

The Complete Illustrated Guide to Shaping Wood (Complete Illustrated Guide)

The Complete Illustrated Guide to Shaping Wood (Complete Illustrated Guide)

The Complete Illustrated Guide to Shaping Wood (Complete Illustrated Guide)

by Lonnie Bird

Quote from Book: "THIS BOOK WAS DESIGNED to give you many techniques and options for making shapes in wood..."

Topic Include: fence tangent, ogee contour, spindle gouge, spinning stock, limit the cutting depth, rub bearing, kerf bending, remove the excess stock, carve the corners, quirk bead, wooden molding planes, scratch stock, elliptical cove, roughing gouge, tombstone door, outfeed fence, sawing curves, rip the molding, contact with the stock, thumbnail profile, shape the cove, cove cutting, contact with the fence, milling the stock, router table

From Library Journal
The first volume in Taunton's three-part "Complete Illustrated Guides" series, this title is intended as a bench-top reference guide showing the many ways of shaping wood (cutting, edge treatments, decorative techniques, turning, and carving). Techniques of all types and complexity are covered, usually including several means to accomplish each task, such as using hand or power tools. Profusely illustrated with drawings and photos, this book offers something for every woodworker. This title, along with the other two in the series (The Complete Illustrated Guide to Furniture and Cabinet Construction, Taunton, 2001, and The Complete Illustrated Guide to Joinery, Taunton, 2002), will be a welcome addition to any woodworking collection.

Book Description
Shape is critical to the ultimate success or failure of a piece of furniture. Knowing this, custom-furniture maker Lonnie Bird has taken the complex subject of shaping and in this book made it accessible to every woodworker. He guides the reader toward first visualizing, then drawing a shape, and then choosing the appropriate tool for creating it. Shaping techniques of all kinds are covered here -- from the simplest ones to more complex bending and carving.

Amazon Customer Reviews:

If you are interested in building the finest pieces

This book covers some areas that will enable you to build some of the finest pieces of woodworking and furniture. For example a step by step explanation of how to create a flaming finial, to top off your best projects is illustrated: From the beginning of turning it on a lathe, to the first level of carving the flutes, to each successive layer. The one he creates out of walnut is the style that I like the most. Additionally making a claw foot, is well illustrated, just the same.
This book does not cover the basics, so one to add to your collection, as either a hopeful, or an advanced course of applications. It is a motivator, because he shows you the kind of work, that inspires us into higher levels in the art form.
Well illustrated, with clear photographs and descriptions. All in all a 5 star book, you will want to feature it on your book shelf, and in the works you will be motivated and instructed to create.

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